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One of the ten federal provinces of modern day Canada. A majority French-speaking province. Properly it should be spelled Québec and pronounced Keb-BEK, but most English speakers spell it Quebec and pronounce it Kweb-ek, some others even pronounce it Cue-bek. This, of course, gives the Quebecois (Keb-beh-KWAH) another reason to hate them.

Quebec is also credited with introducing the word courriel into the French language as an alternative to email. Capital Quebec City, largest city Montreal. They also have a rather nice motto, Je me souviens, lit. “I Remember”, or possibly “I'm A Souvenir”.

Quebec in alternate history

In most US-invades-Canada timelines, the Americans turn Quebec into a puppet republic which they assume will fall into line. This despite the fact that, at least in OTL, Americans are just about the only people whom Quebecois seem to dislike more than English-speaking Canadians. One of the ten federal provinces of modern day Canada.


If you're from here, feel free to add yourself to the list.

And, unfortunately, there are some banned ones too :

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