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The Ubbergeek

The Ubbergeek is Canadian a member from Quebec with a strange habit of throwing French words in an otherwise English sentence, or using a French syntax when writing English. These idiosyncrasies were harmless enough, but he also had strongly prejudiced views of Americans, and was one of the most vocal radical left-wing members of

His outbursts and assorted non-sequiturs are still in the memories of's older members; on one occasion, he actually quoted the lyrics of a song by an obscure French band from the early 1980s by way of reply to a political argument.

His defining characteristic was a fervent belief that the cyberpunk setting of Shadowrun was more real than reality.

He had a period when he stopped posting sometime in 2007 and hadn't been seen at since early 2008. He had returned since then and is a regularly active poster now.

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