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Yet another Canadian member from the Ottawa area, Talwar's primary interest is in writing stories - some of which even touch on alternate history. He does contribute here and there to other discussions, but at current rates it will be some time before he posts the obligatory “I've got 1000 Posts” thread.

He has a background in geology, and is not unfamiliar with Canada (particularly its territories), farming, and animal husbandry.

Talwar has spent some time at the AH naval sims Wesworld and Navalism, where he is known as The Rock Doctor.

Works on the Board

Older Stuff


Ideas to Come

Talwar's eyeballing a couple of stories set in Hendryk's The Superpower Empire TL, has a couple of actual, honest-to-God timeline ideas in mind, and enough incomplete and unwritten stories to fill a non-existent book.

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