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Fernidad of Prussia

Very much's Emperor Norton (the historical figure, not the AH.commer Emperor Norton I). He spent some time on the board in the 2000s, before being banned. His antics and claims had made him somewhat legendary.

An extremely bizarre (some would say lunatic) banned member who claimed to be King of Prussia. He apparently truly believed this, despite being unable to spell “Ferdinand” - He believed Fernidad was a proper royal name. Of course, his Prussia consisted of two parts, North Prussia in North America and South Prussia in South America (in reality West and East Prussia directly adjoin one another on the Baltic Coast). Also, he somehow thought Bonaparte was the royal house of Prussia (and he part of it), even though he also claimed the Saxon Royal House “created” Prussia in 1701, clearly misunderstanding some things… (1701 coronation of Elector Frederick, Duke of Prussia, as “King in Prussia”). This of course contradicts his website where he put those delusions, named houseofhohenzollern (sadly not online anymore). His view on history surely would make for an amusing story, if only he could coherently tell it…

Later claimed to have command over units of “Prussian Hussars” in the militaries of England, Canada, Poland, Germany, France, Australia, Hungary and Austria “just to name a few”, and to have moved into “Sansscoussi” (Frederick II's royal palace in Potsdam - hey, wait a moment, I thought his Prussia was in America?), to have restored the monarchy and to have completed a treaty of friendship with America.

In his last and most famous act, he "banned" Ian (but not from, though it is unclear from what exactly) and forbade writing anything about or including the topics of the Weimar Rebuplic, Germany, Prussia or the House of Bonaparte. He was consequently banned by Ian.

Further research indicated he is a delusional homeless chap living in Escondido, California, originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, which makes him actually a very sad case.

After his original banning, he did once try to return as a sockpuppet, HRM. As the sock, he claimed that his grandfather, Prince Stephen Frederick of Prussia (never existed), shot Adolf Hitler. Interestingly, this genealogy contradicts Fernidad's earlier genealogy presented here.

Years later, Fernidad resurfaced elsewhere on the Internet, by receiving the dubious honour of getting his very own article on the blog Fake Titles and Orders, which specialises in aristocratic and heraldic fraudsters. The “honour” was due to him apparently selling fake titles and orders to strangers and promoting himself (again) as a descendant of Prussian royalty. The description the article quotes from Fernidad's own site is in line with his previous semi-coherent postings on

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