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Canadian board member. Fan of Canadian aviation and military projects (whether cancelled or existing ones), often creating alternate versions of these. He is one of the board's biggest fans of the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow, as well as a hypothetical Canadian CF-14 Tomcat.


Rise of the North - This is a crossover of an ISOT story involving present day Canada and of the TL Doomsday 1983 (which originated on the Althistory Wiki).

Another of our Canadian members, TheMann, has frequently collaborated with Ming on the scenarios and its related lore. Soon after the creation of Rise of the North, TheMann introduced his own take on the idea, titled In Defence of Humanity.

Encouraged by the success of these two TLs, Ming has also written a crossover TL involving Canada from IDOF and an ISOTed Panem from Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games. It's called One Shot : Arrows and Crossbows Over the Capitol. The story is still ongoing.

Ming was currently behind the creation and writing of Stories of the Regiment, a new comedy series. (Currently, it is on hiatus.)

In Fiction

The eponymous character of Ming777, a crew member of the MES-1 Allohistory from Enterprise, is based on him.

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