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A member since the days of the old board, known for taking strongly liberal views and supporting French and Québécois nationalism. Some English-speaking members have been known to interpret these views as anti-British and anti-American sentiment, or Communist sympathies.

Born in Monaco and having grown in France, Valamyr was schooled in Lyons and Paris, and served in the French military for 5 years, before being decorated and sent to Canada as a military-attaché. Leaving the French Army soon after, he obtained triple-citizenship and settled in Montreal, Quebec.

A strong Franco-nationalist, he openly supports Québec independence, is active in Québec's Parti Québécois, and has said that helping Québec achieve independence is a major part of his motivations for living in the cold, snowy Belle Province, rather than his native Monaco on the sunny Cote-d'Azure. Until that day, Valamyr has returned to civilian life and works in the field of computer science and networking, and enjoys reading, chess, computer games, failing to file his federal taxes, lovely ladies, history, sport cars and European cuisine; probably not in that order.

Though once upon a time very active in writing (often very long) alternate history timelines, Valamyr's interest seems to have drifted over time to contemporary politics, and he is lately more often found commenting current events in the Political Chat section of the forums. His dry and severe stances on various reactionary or militaristic policies and events have occasionally earned him the ire of some board members and led to passionate exchanges, but his poor aptitude at holding personal grudges has generally ensured that any resulting harsh feelings, if any, remain solely one-sided.

Grateful to have found so many interesting fellows who share his passion of history and politics, and a critical mind for political events, Valamyr enjoys more than his dry wit may sometimes suggests. He seems poised to continue to enjoy his time there, whilst trading the occasional barb with the faithful subjects of Her Majesty the Queen of England, or their currently much less well-led rebellious colonial cousins.

He was banned on the 12th of September 2008 for political trolling and conspiracy theories.

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