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Crazy Geoff

CrazyGeoff, Mitch Gizzy, started on the Forum October 26, 2011. During his time on the forum, he has been apart of many nation games and role playing games.

Created the page whathg.

Shared Worlds projects

Games he is currently a part of:

- SpaceCombat: Redux
- Futurewar Tactics: Redux
- The Walking Dead: Survival RP
- Fallen: A Balkanized US Nation Game

CrazyGeoff, ignoring BlackWave's suggestions, decided that after a few months as a member of the family, he would create his own game.

It failed miserably after the first few days by a combination of poor planning, non-interested players, and yeah.

Games created:

- The Pacific Runs Red: A Pacific Theater RP- It died pretty fast.

Whatever game he seems to play, CrazyGeoff always seems to use the same character in every game. “Matteus Teback”, which is a spin off of one of his friend's names, has seen action as an communist dictator, a democratic president, a futuristic gunship captain, a zombie apocalypse survivor, and an WWII infantry commander, with more jobs to come. His resume is larger than my leg!

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