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offtopic:ah.com_sexual_perversions Sexual Perversions

Strictly speaking, the state of normality is based on the average of a community's practices. If we go by this definition, then in fact has no sexual perverts, aside from that minority who like girls in general and wouldn't mind marrying one one day. However, it is more egalitarian to suggest that, in fact, all our members' opinions constitute sexual perversions. A list follows.

  • The Gaysexuals: Far too many to list here, which is worrying enough in itself. Note the subcategory of those who like Cugly individuals, such as Fellatio Nelson.
  • The Heterosexual Reconquista: They like women but are perhaps a little too overly enthusiastic about it in a creepy way, and also encompass such a wide range of opinion that they end up like Austria-Hungary.
  • Underage female clones of extremely masculine comic characters: Liked by Archangel Michael.
  • Very extremely tall muscular women with rolled-up sleeves who are surgeons and witches and worship a goddess: The Mists of Time (there may be some other qualifiers in there as well)
  • Bigbooberism: Followed by Torqumada and a few others.
  • Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers: Mako-Chan (mostly nonsexual) and a few others.
  • Western women: Mainly Flocculencio, who is nonetheless regularly photographed in company of cute Asian women, so go figure.
  • Won't Say: Mysteriously, Blizrun.
  • Derbyfucking: A horrifying thing created by Archangel Michael with a cabal of others, mostly due to his Jovian Night's Dream series. You know who you are.

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