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Creepy Hetero Teens

A.k.a. Socially awkward onanists with an interest in AH.Com.

Cack-handed whenever dealing with the opposite sex, most especially with those of a similar age, these anorak-clad bishop-bashers will predictably embark upon unreciprocated perving like bloodhounds straining after a scent.

You know who you are.

Nekromans has put a theory forward suggesting that the Creepy Hetero Teens are not humans but in fact Morlocks cast back in time for being overly creepy.

Ran Exilis is considered to be the King of the Creepy Hetero Teens and the leader of their division within the Heterosexual Reconquista. He is, however, no longer a teen himself - he is one of the rare (and extremely creepy) Fullgrown Creeps. And Dutch.

Major elements of the Reconquista's army are drawn from the Creeps. These include the Creepian Guard, whose role is to act as bodyguards to the leaders of the Reconquista, and the Undead Creep Legion. Ran has admitted that the latter are actually called “the Legion of Internet Creeps with No Life”, but the other name is just so much cooler!

Along with the CHT, we also have the analogous Creepy Gaysexual Ancient Ruins and the Creepy Paranoid Teens (led by Highlander) who refuse to believe that any attractive female members can possibly be real.

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