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Blizrun is a relatively young member of AH.COM, having only joined in early '07. He originally hails from Upstate New York, and as such, is suspect to being one of the mysterious Iroquois who has somehow gained access to a computer. Since then, he has enlisted in the US Army and is now living in Hawaii. He irregularly draws comparisons between himself and infamous sunburn sufferer Sam Carsten.

He is known for rather lengthy debates regarding Universal Health Care. He generally is a very right-wing and turbo-capitalist member. He has yet to write any sort of timeline.

Oddly enough, Blizrun has stated that he possesses a sexual kink, yet has refused to state what that kink is.

Also capable of breaking a man's neck with one blow of his powerful right hand. This also makes oanism a very dicey proposition.

In Fiction

Has a guest role in the The Series episode A DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW as a member of the anti-mindswapping resistance movement.

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