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Archangel Michael member hailing from Nebraska. Formerly known as Mikey, but changed his name after Thande complained there were too many Michaels on the board and he half expected the Archangel Michael to show up…

He hates the nickname 'Archie', so quite a lot of people use it.

He is also known for the usage of image macros in his posts (especially pics saying “STFU N00B!”), in a fashion similar to Straha's. This has been tied into his worrying obsession with X-23, the hot, bearded, cigar-chomping underaged female “clone” of the famous X-Men Wolverine (see Sexual Perversions).

Plays football (the American sort). Owing to one or two poorly worded posts, most of the Board now also believes he is part of a girls' basketball team that will win state basketball this year (2008).

Author of The New X-Men.

Bears a striking resemblance to Rasputin - not the forum member called Rasputin, the actual one. Some theorise that he is destined to travel back in time to the 1910s and assume the role of the historical Rasputin.

He also watches anime.

Not to be confused with Michael.


A Brother to Dragons - Older timeline with a POD involving the Plantagenets. On indefinite hiatus.

A Jovian Night's Dream - Turtledove Award winning series of short stories, novellas and novels utilising the same shared allohistorical and science-fictional setting.

In Fiction

Has been featured in Luaky Commer in the Oliver Wood role, in Wars as a fighter pilot, and in various works by Thande and Chris in cameo roles.

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