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A Pirate Novella, by Doris Perks

Story started by Fellatio Nelson and written by a committee including him, Flocculencio, Thande, Satyrane, luakel and others. It features a crew of pirates and their good ship Pseudodisestablishmentarian, so called because by the time the enemy lookout has sighted the ship and called out its name, the pirates are already boarding.

The story is set in a generalised 16th-18th century in which anachronisms abound.


Flocculencio - Captain 'Blackbeard' Flocc

Fellatio Nelson - First Officer Nelson

Kit - Bosun Kit Morgan

Thande - Ship's Chymist/Powder Monkey Thande

Landshark - Gunner Landshark

Othniel - Chaplain Othniel Countrythatdoesn'texistyet

Romulus Augustulus - Oarsman Borat, chained in a cage, when not in use

luakel - Cabin Boy Luakel

Straha - Peg Boy Straha

Recurring characters

Gunpowder Jen - Flocc's love interest and captain of the Hen Party, an all-female pirate ship

Cunnilingus Nelson - Fell's longlost sister and Gunpowder Jen's first officer

Lord Essex - Flocc's nemesis and rival for Jen's affections

Admiral Midgardmetal - Captain of the Blue November, a Russian ship

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