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Snelheid or The Adventures of Nilsroy Snelheid and Pieter Molenaarzoon is an spoof of the BBC's Sherlock and of Sherlock Holmes stories and adaptations in general. It follows a writing pattern not too dissimilar to Thande's Luaky Commer and Wars, but also has its own particular stylistic touches.

The first episode of Snelheid premiered at the beginning of March 2016, after some initial delays. It will be regularly followed by a few more episodes each year, spaced out several months between each other. (“It'll be done when it's done, innit ?”)


Snelheid takes place in the early 21st century of a timeline where the Dutch Colonial Empire never fell and the Netherlands are still one of the world's superpowers. The country itself is a monarchy, co-governed by a royal family and a stadhouder repurposed into the role of a prime minister. While this ATL Netherlands is rather similar to the Netherlands and Europe of OTL, the different historical developments have resulted in some differing geography, technologies, culture and fashions, leading to a certain degree of anachronisms present. The timeline's nature is further complicated by the fact that it's a crossroad of other timelines from the multiverse.

The main backdrop for most episodes is ATL 21st century Amsterdam (in lieu of Sherlock's OTL 21st century London). Nilsroy Snelheid resides at 112A Sealion Street, with his favourite TLIAD Café right next door. Together with trusted co-worker Dr. Molenaarzoon and their allies in the Koninklijke Politie (Royal Police) and elsewhere, the eccentric Snelheid solves one bizarre allohistorical crime case after another…

Title Card

Main Cast

nlspeed - Nilsroy Snelheid (Sherlock Holmes)
Bio: Kees Nilsroy Theophrastus Snelheid, or Nilsroy Snelheid for short, is a walking, talking, sometimes annoying, but most of all living legend. A brilliant allohistorical sleuth, master of observation and relativist skills, and an ukulele virtuoso in the making, he describes himself as “the world's only POD-consulting Detective”. Personality-wise, Nilsroy is a thoroughly peculiar and often inscrutible man, ranging from distant but charming to cold and unshakingly ruminative. Living as a lodger at Mrs. Houtman's residence on 112A Sealion Street, he earns a living by regularly helping the Royal Police and private clients sort out allohistorical crime cases of every stripe and kind. Long without close friends and rather alienated from the world, he grows more open after befriending Dr. Molenaarzoon, with whom he forms an intrepid detective duo. Nilsroy's hobbies include engaging in relativist ponderings, dissecting and nitpicking PODs at home (much to Dr. Molenaarzoon's and Mrs. Houtman's unease), attempting to compose and play jazz tunes on his ukulele, having an addiction to warez downloads (especially warez game patches) and humming his own character theme tune whenever his background music band is out to lunch (Dr. Molenaarzoon is often forced to sing along if he's at hand). While Nilsroy's relations with his brother Pompejus tend to be strained and chilly, both siblings harbour deep respect for each other.
Sample quotes:
- “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be completely ASB anyway.” (describing one of his basic deduction methods)
- “Logic and reason, my dear Molenaarzoon. As in, I always avoid using those.” (when asked how he figured out something)
- “Hmmmm. But what do you actually mean by this ? Who or what do you mean ?” (frustrating people with his deconstructivist but often bulletproof nitpicks)
- “The 'shipping, Mrs. Houtman, is off !” (when asked by Mrs. Houtman whether she can write slashfics about him and Dr. Molenaarzoon)

Petike - Dr. Pieter Molenaarzoon (Dr. John Watson)
Bio: A former Plausibility Surgeon in the Royal Armed Forces, Dr. Molenaarzoon is not a born Dutchman. His parents, citizens of the Habsburg Empire, immigrated with him to their new homeland while he was still little, and had their surname changed. Pieter grew up as a naturalised citizen of His Majesty. After the end of his recent tour of fighting ASBs in the Second Allohistorian-ASB War at the Damned Kazakh Border, he decided to retire from the army. The cheerful but oft-brooding Dr. Molenaarzoon returned home traumatised and unsure of his future, a stranger in a familiar land. Luckily, the tables had turned when an old acquaintance of his introduced him to the eccentric but amiable Nilsroy, resulting in the two men forming a close friendship as a team of crime-solvers for hire. Often baffled by Snelheid's manic POD-deductive abilities, he is an appreciatory listener nonetheless. Though a doctor and man of science first and foremost, he is quite the crackshot and is skilled in martial arts, such as Wiki Fu. Unsurprisingly, he records his and Nilsroy's exploits and case solving on “Dr. Molenaarzoon's Wiki”. Unlike Snelheid, the good doctor is quite a ladies' man, even if he isn't exactly successful in this area.
Sample quotes:
- “How did y… Eh, nevermind.”
- “All right, you want to hear my opinion/analysis ?”

Pompejus - Pompejus Snelheid (Mycroft Holmes)
Bio: Pompejus Agricola Paracelsus Thijs Snelheid (or simply Pompejus) is Nilsroy's aloof and sarcastic older brother. Unlike his sibling, he doesn't particularly hide his higher-bourgeoisie roots or connections to the royal family, which is only understandable, given his job as a high-ranking governmental employee and good friend of the current stattholder. As much as he likes to bicker with his younger brother, Pompejus often keeps close tabs on him, and does so out of a strong conviction to keep Nilsroy out of any trouble that could turn out to be too much to handle. Rarely seen without his umbrella and often accompanied by his mysterious aide Uchronia, Pompejus Snelheid is the kind of man that has eyes in more places than you'd be willing to imagine.

elle-jay - Mrs. L. J. Houtman (Mrs. Hudson)
Bio: A bubbly, smart and compassionate, if somewhat catty brunette, Mrs. Houtman is a middle-aged divorcee and the owner of 112A Sealion Street. She's been Nilsroy's landlady for a number of years now, ever since he apparently helped her out with some criminal problems concerning her now-former relationship. While Snelheid's eccentricities tend to regularly irritate her, she has a soft spot of understanding for her odd lodger and considers him something of a son or younger brother she needs to look after. While she and Dr. Molenaarzoon get along fine, he has his own irritations with her, namely her apparent insistence on the idea that he and Nilsroy are an item (or at least perfect slashfic material).

Theodoric - Inspecteur Theo Luxembourg (Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade)
Bio: Inspector Luxembourg and Nilsroy Snelheid have cooperated together already for a number of years before Molenaarzoon's teaming up with the freelance detective. A thickly Amsterdam-accented officer of the Royal Police, Luxembourg is an amiable but reserved man, and doesn't suffer fools or weirdness gladly. He harbours a deep respect for Snelheid's genius-level skills and insights into allohistorical topics, but nevertheless often finds himself frustrated or baffled by the man's antics and thought processes. He's certain of one thing, though: Snelheid has helped him and his fellow colleagues solve many a perplexing case, and without him, they'd be much less successful.

Recurring Characters

othyrsyde - Brigadier Sara Anderezijde (Sergeant Sally Donovan)
Bio: Charming but no-nonsense, Brigadier Anderezijde is an ethnic Mohawk from the New Netherlands who transfered to Amsterdam just a few years ago. While Sara tolerates and even admires Nilsroy's neverending enthusiasm to help the Royal Police, they don't get along that easily. She tends to be suspicious of his eccentricities and often odd detective methods.

ah-sue - Susie Kuipers (Molly Hooper)
Bio: Good-natured if a little introverted, Susie is a POD Dissecter at the Butterflycide Department of Sint Hungerus Ziekenhuis in Amsterdam. She frequently helps Snelheid and Molenaarzoon with their investigations and both men consider her an ally and good pal. Nilsroy is doggedly convinced she has a deep, tragic crush on him, but she's always honestly befuddled and weirded out whenever he tries to not-so-subtly point this out to her.

Thande - Dr. Thomas Anderson (amalgam of inspector Tobias Gregson and medical examiner Philip Anderson)
Bio: Perhaps the only Englishman on the force in Amsterdam, Dr. Anderson hails from Yorkshire (and will have you know it due to his signature accent and verbal tics). A highly experienced medical examiner and biochemist with a famously dry wit, he's a dependable figure at any major crime scene. Not exactly enamored with either Snelheid's or Molenaarzoon's detective methods, sometimes taking jabs at them or criticising them, but he's willing to listen even to outlandish theories, as long as the evidence seems consistent.
Key episode: A Study in ISOT

Beedok - Uchronia (Anthea)
Bio: Pompejus Snelheid's mysterious, short-spoken and blue-haired secretary. She sometimes accompanies him or takes care of escorting his clients and acquaintances to him. Her real name is unknown.

various - Sealion Street Lurkers (Baker Street Irregulars)
Description: A loose group of Nilsroy's informants, made up of street-savvy allohistorians and AH noobs alike, they serve as his and Dr. Molenaarzoon's allies in several investigations and adventures.

FrolicsomeQuipster - Frolik “Frolly” Quippins (Bill "Billy" Wiggins)
Bio: Sometimes a bit unintelligible, Frolik is nonetheless a knowledgeable guy about various scientific subjects and sometimes advises Snelheid when it comes to these. He is also something of an unofficial leader of the Sealion Street Lurkers.

? and ? - (Mijn) Mammie and (Mijn) Pappie (Mrs. Holmes and Mr. Holmes)
Bio: Mr. and Mrs. Snelheid are the somewhat enigmatic parents of Nilsroy and Pompejus. Oft-mentioned but rarely seen, they tend to drop in occassionally for a cameo appearance in episodes, usually to the tune of “Hello, kids, don't mind us, we're just passing through…”. They eventually get to play larger roles in one or two episodes though.

Guest Stars

wietze - Willem “Wietze” Pretzel (Mike Stamford)
Bio: “Wietze” is an old pal of Dr. Molenaarzoon. After several years, they reunite by chance during the events of the pilot episode and Wietze introduces Molenaarzoon to Nilsroy. Appears only in the pilot, but is constantly mentioned later on. (Because…)
Key episode: The Adventure of the Opal Wart

Ynnead - Yves Kreep-Ryder (James Ryder)
Bio: Fella who stole the Opal Wart in the titular detective case. Bit of a wimp and just a harmless, would-be criminal, Snelheid makes a deal with him to avoid getting him into jail. When Kreep-Ryder's scared and remorseful, he has an odd tendency to blubber uncontrollably, indulging himself in so-called “Kreeperspeak”. For some reason, “Kreeperspeak” includes singing praises to US presidents from other timelines.
Key episode: The Adventure of the Opal Wart

Vnix - Vnixzoon (Peterson)
Bio: Acquaintance of Snelheid who accidentally stumbled upon the stolen Opal Wart.
Key episode: The Adventure of the Opal Wart

HJ Tulps - Inspecteur Eenmalig (Detective Inspector Dimmock)
Bio: Shows up when Inspecteur Luxembourg is unavailable, has a few lines, then no one hears of him again.
Key episode: The Five Orangist PODs

Marius - Marius Openbosje (John Openshaw)
Bio: A young Dutchman of South African roots, who came across a chilling murder mystery surrounding his uncle. (Spoiler alert: Don't worry, kids, Marius's character doesn't die, unlike the original character. ;-))
Key episode: The Five Orangist PODs

Cheerilee - Irma Reichsadler (Irene Adler)
Bio: Irma's a British-German-American-Whatever conwoman, mystery shopper and general femme fatale from a TL where the Central Powers won World War One. A self-described “expert in domino tricks”, she had moved to the Snelheid TL in order to escape an arranged marriage to a boring Prussian Junker obsessed with collecting CP Victory maps of Europe. Irma seems to have a soft spot for Nilsroy, but he's as politely clueless as ever.
Key episode: A Scandal in Inevitable Burgundy



The stories appear in two different formats. Full episodes are longer, with dialogue, of a script-like form that is standard for comedies and parodies. Shorter episodes or miniepisodes are depicted as in-universe accounts of recent cases, documented by Dr. Molenaarzoon in the team's case-solving wiki. The miniepisodes always precede the main episodes as warm-up prologues of a sort.

a.) Episodes already aired:

Season 1

1×01 The Adventure of the Opal Wart (The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle)

Synopsis: Pilot episode. Around Sinterklaas, someone stole a priceless gem from the hotel suite of the countess of Neutral Moresnet. Flashforward to some two weeks later. Christmas is coming soon, and disaffected ASB-fighting veteran Pieter Molenaarzoon is at a crossroad in his life. When he least expects it, he meets an unusual new friend and both of them begin to form what will become a legendary detective duo. Can our heroes solve the case of the recently stolen Opal Wart in time for Christmas ?

b.) Episodes being written:

Season 1

1xM01 The Bespectacled Band (The Adventure of the Speckled Band)

Synopsis: The first miniepisode. Snelheid and Molenaarzoon solve a “locked room” murder mystery connected to a local indie band, Venijn (“Venom”).

1×02 The Five Orangist PODs (The Five Orange Pips)

Synopsis: Marius Openbosje turns to Snelheid and Molenaarzoon for their help in solving the mysterious past and murder of his uncle, a South African who moved back to the Netherlands years ago. A certain sinister organisation and a certain recent theft of Dutch Golden Era artworks might have something to do with the seemingly unconnected events of the Openbosje case.

c.) Planned episodes:

Season 1

1xM02 The Disappearance of Lady Franka's Car Fax (The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax)

Synopsis: Second miniepisode. Doctor Molenaarzoon is at a local yachting event, when lady Franka Blank starts complaining about the theft of her precious car fax. As an afficionado of outdated communication technology, she'd dread letting go of her unusual car interior accessory. Molenaarzoon phones Snelheid to come and help with the investigation.

1×03 A Study in ISOT (A Study in Scarlet)

Synopsis: TBA.

1×04 The Adventure of the Geek Interpreter (The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter)

Synopsis: TBA.

Season 2

2×01 The Adventure of the Sociable Cyclist (The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist)

Synopsis: Viola Smit, part-time DJ at local clubs and freelance music teacher, comes to seek help at 112A Sealion Street. Lately, she's noticed a suspicious man who secretly follows her during her daily bicycle commute.

2×02 The Mouser of the Schrikstads (The Hound of the Baskervilles)

Synopsis: Snelheid and Dr. Molenaarzoon set off from the quaint comfort of Amsterdam to the moody Gothic horrors of the Limburg countryside. What seems like a case involving murder and inheritance issues of the local Schrikstad family soon turns out to be much more mysterious and ominous. Will an old legend from the time of the Eighty Years War be proven true ?

2×03 The Sign of the Wank (The Sign of the Four)

Synopsis: TBA.

2×04 A Scandal in Inevitable Burgundy (A Scandal In Bohemia)

Synopsis: TBA.

Differences between Sherlock and Snelheid

Instead of conventional crime solving, the detective duo solve cases with alternate history elements.

The primary setting is Dutch-themed instead of British-themed (duh !).

Though the spoofing of Sherlock episodes and mannerisms is fairly straight-forward, a lot of the stories are not based directly on Sherlock episodes, but are adaptations of the original Conan Doyle short stories that the OTL show ommitted. The pilot itself is an example of this, adapted from The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle. The order in which the spoofed versions of the stories occur is also different to the order they occured in the OTL show.

The series affectionately pokes fun not only at Sherlock (and Steven Moffat), but also at the clichés/conventions/memes associated with other Sherlock Holmes adaptations (such as the Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce films, the 1980s Granada TV adaptations with Jeremy Brett, the Russian TV adaptations with Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solominov, and Guy Ritchie's actiony adaptations).

Characters in general are usually younger than their OTL show and book counterparts (most apparent with Mrs. Houtman/Hudson). Some are also wholly new amalgamations of the original and adaptation-only characters, such as the case of Dr. Anderson (who's character combines inspector Gregson with elements of Sherlock's Anderson).

The (as of yet unnamed) equivalent of Professor James Moriarty is not planned to be a major antagonist, at least not in the first two seasons of the spoof.


Many characters of the main and guest cast are based on Dutch AH.commers, in accordance with the Dutch-themed setting.

One running gag is that no one can be arsed to remember Molenaarzoon's overly long surname.

The ATL setting of the show is actually a timeline that splintered off from Jared's Lands of Red and Gold at some unspecified point during the late medieval or early modern era, probably shortly before early Dutch attempts to explore and colonise Aururia (ATL Australia).

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