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Stories of the Regiment

A new comedy series featuring the members of the board on unusual adventures in the multiverse, created by Ming777. The series focuses on a multidimensional task force of soldiers and peacekeepers on a mission to liberate various timelines from opressive regimes and other dangerous or wacky threats. But let's leave the more detailed explanation to the author himself :

Chaos has erupted across the infinite timelines involving the Planet Earth. ISOTs, temporal incursions, and the risk of awaking the forbidden Sea Mammal. Thus a secret force of soldiers, airmen, and scientists from the early 21st century was assembled. Basing their operations from the time-traveling airborne aircraft carrier Byzantium, and led by an enigmatic Brigadier known only as Ian "the Admin", the AH Regiment seeks to restore some semblance of stability across the multiverse, travelling in time to stop the forces bent of shattering all of space and time. However, they will soon face their greatest threat, in the form of old comrades, disgraced and banned from the Regiment by the Brigadier, who plot to spread the chaos across history.

The recruitment thread is still going on here.


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