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stories:ah.com_lost LOST

AH.COM: Lost was a new comedic show started by Demosthenes in 2008. It was an parody of the TV series Lost.

Like the real series, it started with the forum members surviving a plane crash, in which they crash onto a strange and mysterious island. The first season of the series was set to be 11 episodes, at least 8 of which were made and published. They usually “aired” on Saturdays. Season One began in January 2008 and was to end by June 2008.


Episode 1×01: Pilot, Part One (written by Demosthenes) Read Episode 1 Here

Episode 1×02: Pilot, Part Two/Wear a Cup (written by The Sicilian and Demosthenes) Read Episode 2 Here (by The Sicilian)

Episode 1×03: Tabloida Russia (written by Locke and Demosthenes) Read Episode 3 Here (by Locke)

Episode 1×04: Wanted for Murder (written by Demosthenes) Read Episode 4 Here where Kilny kills someone

Episode 1×05: Berkeley (written by Demosthenes) Read Episode 5 Here

Episode 1×06: The Numbers (written by The Sicilian) Read Episode 6 Here

Episode 1×07: Damn Commies! (written by Demosthenes) Read Episode 7 Here

Episode 1×08: Missing (written by Demosthenes) Read Episode 8 Here

Episode 1×09: Down the Rabbit Hole (was being worked on - Demosthenes was writing it)

Episode 1×10: Press the Button (TBA)

Episode 1×11: SEASON FINALE - Wag the Dog (TBA)

Running Jokes/Gags

WyldCard4 dies in some crazy way in most episodes.

Leo's name is misssppeeellled each time he speaks.

Show Deaths

Besides Wyldcard4's continuous deaths, Rocano and Oweno both died at the hands of Ward. Also, HUCK was mentioned dead in Episode 3 “Tabloida Russia”, but his death has not been confirmed by the writers and the cause of his death has not yet been mentioned. He appeared in Episode 8 “Missing” as a vision to Locke in the forest telling him “Don't push the button”. DW nearly died in Episode 5 “Berkeley”, by catching fire. Luckily, Snerfuplz saved him.

In Ep. 8, “Missing”, David bar Elias died when explosives he was carrying exploded.

Writers have confirmed that at least one person will die in Episode 9, and that it will not be Michael who is sick with a major infection.


Demosthenes - Creator; Wrote 5 Episodes, Co-wrote 2

The Sicilian - Wrote 2 episodes

Locke - Wrote 1 episode

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