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Chaos Timeline : Maps

Maps showing the world situation at various points in the history of the Chaos Timeline.

Euarasia at the time of the POD

The Middle East in 1260

China and parts of East Asia in 1350

Europe in 1400

Europe in 1500

Europe in 1600

Colonisation of Atlantis (America) during the 16th century

Europe in 1700

The World in the 17th century (before and after the Anti-French War)

Africa in the 17th century - Ignore borders. The Songhay Empire empire is shown in green at its OTL maximum extent and yellow+green at its extent in this timeline in 1700). Other countries are marked by letters. (J in Senegal = Jolof, M in Burkina Faso = Mossi, O in Nigeria = Oyo, I in Nigeria = Ilé-Ifè, N in Nigeria = Nupe, K in Niger = Kanem-Bornu, B in Chad = Baguirmi, W in Chad = Wadai / Ouaddai, M in Cameroon = Mandara, D in Sudan = Darfur, S in Sudan = Seddar / Siddar, K in Ethiopia = Kaffa, K in Congo = Kongo, N in Angola = Ndongo, L in S Congo = Lunda, L in E Congo = Luba, M in Malawi = Maravi.)

West Africa (Gulf of Guinea) in the 18th and early 19th century

Europe in 1800

The World in 1900

Europe in 1900 - Germany's in browns, Florence/Italy/New Rome in greens, South Russia in blues, and Novorossiya in grey/black. The numbers show when which land became part of the respective state. (Note that for Florence, the numbers indicate “until 1400/1500/1600/1650”.)

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