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Chaos Timeline : Dramatis Personae (Characters)

An overview of various historical personalities and characters appearing in the Chaos Timeline.

Individual people

  • Jalal-ad-Din - Prince and later Shah of Choresm, successfully fought Ogadai Khan.
  • Bela IV of Hungary - Settled the Volga Hungarians, conquered Bosnia, made Vlachia / Moldovia satellites.
  • Prince Aleksandr Yaroslavich - OTL Alexander Nevsky, fought the Volga Bulgars.
  • Baibars - OTL Mamluk/Mameluk sultan, became a Kipchak leader.
  • Otakar Přemysl - Duke of Moravia and Carinthia, Roman king.
  • Vladimir V Rostislavich - Grand prince of Kiev, first quasi-Czar of South Russia.
  • Gerhard I - King of Denmark and Netherlands, Holy Roman Emperor.
  • Maffeo Servitore - (In)famous secretary of the Medici, negotiated the division of North Italy between Florence, Savoy and Venice.
  • William Aston - Translated the Bible into English.
  • Louis XII of France - Killed his mad brother Philippe, for which his other brother Charles deposed him.
  • Bernhard I of Braunschweig-Lüneburg - Founded the first German colony in Atlantis (America).
  • Karl Koch - Former monk, declared the short-lived Rhenish Republic in Cologne.
  • Lorenzo del Vacca - Famous artist and inventor from Florence.
  • Franz (Francois) I de Valois - French regent and the first Frenchman to become Holy Roman Emperor.
  • Prince Alasdair/Alexander of Scotland - Visited the New World as the second European monarch after prince Harald. He also reconquered his lost kingdoms, and much more.
  • James of Athelhampton - English philosopher, wrote “About the Divine Right of the king”, advocating caesaropapism, and “Kingdom of God”, the timeline's first early modern utopian story, set in Atlantis (America).
  • Edward V of England-Castille-Portugal - Controversial king who rebelled against the pope, but was defeated by in the Great Occidental War and had to resign.
  • Francois IV of France - Made the country an absolutist state, but also laid the groundwork for the anti-French coalition.
  • Alejandro Enrique Ruiz Rodriguez- Lived between 1578 and 1655, Spanish author of dramas based on the bible, considered one of the greatest European authors.
  • Henry VI of England-Castille-Portugal - Responsible for the Triple Monarchy falling apart. Deposed and exiled to Atlantis.
  • Pyotr I - First Czar of Vladimir-Suzdal. Responsible for losing Novorossiya.
  • “Twin princes” Francois/Ferenc III and Charles/Károly IV of Hungary - Co-rulers, introduced enlightened absolutism. The former was also king of Poland.
  • Humphrey I - The first Stafford king of England.
  • Queen Maria of Spain - Married the king of rebellious Morocco, thus bringing it back to the fold, made sure that her younger, but more competent son would become king.
  • Condolcessa de Medici - Daughter of the last Medici Grand Duke and wife of Sicilian king Francesco II.
  • Queen Kristina of Sweden - One of the leading opponents of Francois IV, administrated Brandenburg-Silesia and Franconia-Pomerania for a while.
  • Friedrich von Hohenzollern - Presumed heir of the Hohenzollern, who fought for the Italian king in Caroline, Atlantis and became new duke and elector.
  • Johann K. Kodweiß - From Pomerania. Author of “Christnacht”, about an old miser who changes his life in a christmas night.
  • Kristian III of Denmark - Tried to force the church to canonize him while alive, killed.
  • Olof Tiselius - Powerful first minister in Sweden-Norway-Mecklenburg; helped with taking power away from the king, making the country most progressive in Western Europe.
  • Stanislaw III - Second-to-last king of Poland, for some time also last HREmperor and regent of Denmark-Braunschweig.
  • Joaquin / Gioacchino - The last Alvarez king of Italy. He unified the country, took the opportunity to acquire colonies of France and Spain. Generally assumed to be homosexual, although it could never been proven.
  • General Boulanger - Gained dictatorial powers in France during the critical times after the Republican Wars, but gave them up later again. Not to be confused with OTL general Georges Boulanger.
  • Lin Xiaolong / Yongzhi - Former general; became first Ming Emperor; had the telegraphic network of China built.
  • Christian 't Hooft - Dutchman who fled to Britain and later built the first steam engine.
  • Walter Meier - German patriot, who worked for the French as tribute collector, but secretly planned for an, eventually successful, uprising against the French. Still a controversial figure. Died in Bohemian exile.
  • Alessandro Napoleoni - Former general of king Gioacchino, conquered (among other lands) Egypt, was appointed successor, and made himself first New Roman Emperor.
  • Adolf Ignaz II of Nassau - Last German prince, kept peace with France. Nicknamed “Adolf Nazi”.
  • Philip - Last king of Britain and self-declared ruler of half of Europe, thanks to inherited titles. Killed in the British revolution.
  • George I - First king of New Albion (OTL New Zealand), where the British royal family had to flee to after the revolution.
  • Joao de Gouveia - Son of an exiled Portuguese nobleman and his African mistress, became self-proclaimed king of the Ijaw people in the Niger delta; first of many Mulattoes to do so.
  • Admiral Carleton - Tried to reinstall the monarchy in Britain, in vain.
  • Patricius I - First Irish pope, and the first one elected in Antipodia (Australia).
  • Joseph B. Franklin - First president of Canada.
  • Jacob Andrews - Canadian war hero and president, built up Pacific fleet.
  • Charles Pounder - Former bartender, became the mightiest man in Socialist Britain.
  • Tom Liverpool - Former orphan from Britain, fled to Canada and became a famous inventor.
  • Lars Andersson - Son of Swedish Socialists who fled from Finland to Britain; invented a kind of early computer specialized for codebreaking.
  • Alfred Kleiber - Cunning chancellor of German Atlantis; responsible for making Kalifornien a satellite and played an even more important role in the World War, and finally in the unification of the Germanies.
  • Friedrich-Paul Halbe - Commander of the German troops in Atlantis; under his command, the first tank attacks were made.
  • Iossif Gridenkov - Russian dictator. Killed by his own generals after going insane.
  • Prof. Kilian Houston - Scientist from the Socialist Block who demanded more use of artificial intelligences for government and manager work.
  • Sophie Stein - Originally Sofonisba Leoncavallo, before that Shayna Löwenpferd. Jewish atheist philosopher, founder of Veritism.
  • Chandramoorthy - Former gang leader, teacher and founder of a religion.


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