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Chaos Timeline : Major events

An overview of some major and interesting events that occur in the Chaos Timeline.

  • China divided into five kingdoms for a while in 14th century
  • Swiss conquer Habsburg lands
  • Teutonic knights conquer and germanize all of Lithuania, several Russian princedoms
  • Choresm conquers Baghdad, makes the Caliph its puppet
  • Division and reunification of Seljuk sultanate
  • Serbian rebellion under Stepan Hrebeljanovic
  • King Jean of France deposed by his wife Isabelle
  • Russian schism - Vladimir-Suzdal against Kiev-Chernigov
  • Discovery of electroplating in Hong China
  • SE Asian countries more Sinified
  • Earlier discovery of America by a Danish prince, named Harald
  • “Sacco di Roma” - Seljuks take Rome, declare the “Sultanate of two Romes”
  • Venice becoming French protectorate
  • Lands of the Reichskirche (Imperial church) secularized end of 15th century
  • Pashtuns come to power in Persia
  • Peaceful division of Aragon between the Triple Monarchy and France
  • Settling of the Philippines by Chinese (and to a lesser extent, Vietnamese)
  • Colonies in Atlantis (OTL America) for Poland, Florence and Braunschweig-Lüneburg
  • States of the Aztecs and Incas survive thanks to French intervention
  • Japan starting an early trade empire (after Chinese are harassed by Arab pirates too much)
  • Przemyslid Bohemia reigning Austria, Styria, Carinthia and parts of Silesia
  • Occidental schism, with the founding of the (short-lived) Occidental Church under the king of the Quadruple Monarchy
  • Ezo (Hokkaido) settled by Russians
  • Poland becomes a member state of the HREGN
  • England colonizes Braseal, Argentine
  • Swedes in Australia (OTL South Africa - name comes from Australafrica)
  • Revolution of communication by earlier telegraph
  • Discovery of Antipodia (OTL Australia)
  • Guinea (West African coast) ruled by Portuguese-descended mulattos
  • “Young Seljuks” topple sultans, later introduce democracy
  • French discuss fourteen years about succession after death of their last king
  • “Schulzenaufstand” (Mayors' Uprising) in German-settled Atlantis
  • Nippon catholized by Spain, with the tenno as head of the Nipponese church
  • Founding of the Imperial Catholic church in the New Roman Empire
  • Braseal becomes a penal colony for the New Roman empire, ends up with a population made up from Europeans, Arabs, Incas and Indians
  • Pope fleeing from Avignon to Toledo, Canterbury, New Albion and finally Tir Tairngire
  • Germany invades the kingdom of Scandinavia, after the latter elects a part-Socialist government, and makes it a satellite republic

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