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Aozhouhuaren is an active member hailing from Australia, specifically the city of Perth. He is of Chinese ancestry. His real name is Liang Si Jie in Mandarin or Leung See Jit in Cantonese (In Chinese script: 梁思捷). He resided in Taiwan for two months where he taught English, he now has returned Australia and currently resides in Perth.

He is notable for having one of the hardest to spell names on the Board, so difficult that he himself spells it wrong at times. Because of this, many people just call him Aoz, or Aouz, or Aouzie, or Aouze, or Aouzou, or Aouzie-boy, or… well, you get the point. Dave Howery, in a Series episode, simplified the issue by calling him Bob.

Aozhouhuaren ran unsuccessfully for both President and for the parliament in the elections which were on mid 2007 (Or was it 2008, ah who gives a fuck, a lot time ago anyway). He ran under his banner party, which he has since forgotten the name of, because it was too goddamn long, he thinks in retrospect, the length of the parties title was probably what led to its demise in the polls. He will no longer run in any election, mostly because he can't be stuffed.

Aozhouhuaren's historical interests are diverse, but he has never taken the time to full research any one area in detail which he sort of regrets. He currently is very interested in the history of the local Aboriginal tribe, the Nyoongar people. He currently is in research phase of an alternate history timeline on the Nyoongars he plans to write. Working titles include “Büjar ka Nyitini (Land of the Dreaming)” and “Balar Goranini ka Nyüngara (The Secret History of the Nyoongar)” He also has a few half-baked ideas for a timeline where Bruce Lee lives on and in general, just other nonsensical stuff.

In his spare time when Aozhouhuaren is not working, looking at alternate history or pursuing other internet matters, he enjoys reading (autobiographies and biographies are his favourites), watching movies (action and wuxia are his favourites), listening to music (he listens to pretty much anything, but probably enjoys Bhangra way too much :-P)or when he is bothered, working out (he enjoys basketball and martial arts most.)

Works in Progress

He has written “Welcome to 2038” along with Dan1988, and Haggis, which is a dystopic timeline about Australia. You can read it here. Feel free to critique.:)

Due to extreme writers block regarding “Welcome to 2038” as well as a desire to create something lighter in tone, he is writing a fictional blog of a resident Alien titled “Drixor-Your Friendly Neighbourhood Alien”. You can read it here.

He also is writing a story on a group of Shaolin monks who get lost travelling west to India, to search for Buddhist texts, subsequently ending up in Germany of all places. You can read it here and here

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