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An AH.commer who originally came across from He is from California, as you will know if you have spoken to him for more than 1.5 seconds, but currently lives and works in Scotland. He joined in March 2005.

Politically, he started out as quite right wing but has since inclined towards the moderate left, which can make reading his older archived posts a surreal experience. Of course moderate left on the US scale is rather different to the UK's, and so he is a supporter of the British Conservative/Lib Dem coalition government.

Known for making threads trying to demolish the idea (promoted by the American right) that California is in decline, being a huge fan of Governor Jerry Brown, and being annoyed with Texas.


During the 2010s, Constantinople became rather infamous on the site for his habit of routinely insulting other board members or talking snidely to them, with the usual reason being nothing more than a different opinion on something. Though Constantinople didn't hold any markedly nasty opinions and was quite good at calling out other people on such things, he himself wasn't very inclined to treat others in a civil manner. However reasonable his opinions tended to be, Constantinople often seemed incapable of going all-out ad hominem at virtually anyone.

Banned by Ian in November 2016, for going off into insulting people one time too many. After years of getting kicked over the same ad hominem snideness again and again, Constantinople was banned.

Some of his recent behaviour before that, though not the reason behind his ban, was also called into question by some fellow board members. Some people felt distaste towards Constantinople's more recent habit of insinuating that all Europeans are intensely racist (to the point of killing foreigners on sight, apparently), while Americans are (supposedly) inherently more tolerant. These sort of claims didn't earn him much sympathy even among those who agreed with him on various political and social issues. It didn't help that the post that got him banned consisted of him blatantly insulting a European member of the board.

A lesson that everyone can learn from this: Whatever your opinions are, treat other people with honest respect and use proper, reasoned arguments for criticism, not personal attacks.

Claims to Fame

Constantinople played an important role in preserving and archiving Doug Hoff's online AH classic Empty America, with help and input from Doug Hoff himself. You can now read the whole (unfinished, but long and detailed) timeline on, archived here and here.


The Scorpion Bite - An early medieval timeline involving the Sassanid Persian Empire and Eastern Roman Empire.

Khosrau II "The Great" and the world he made (map and potential timeline) - Concept preview for a potential timeline.

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