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Banned member who skirted the line of acceptable behaviour for a long time and racked up 1000 posts quickly, after which he apparently believed this made him immune to being banned. Incorrectly. (He described this as becoming a Valued Contributor, something which has entered memetic mutation).

Claimed to be of Chinese descent and to have served in the U.S. Navy. Posted a lot of frivolous polls involving obscure TV series or mundane items (the exemplar, a parody by Nekromans, was 'Which underwear is better, thongs, thongs, or thongs'). Also insulted others and claimed to be of a superior race.

Thande speculated that he was a sock puppet of an enemy of Hendryk who wanted to discredit his defences of Chinese civilisation.


Tried to return under the aliases historystudent456, HLver3, OatEatingMule, DuperGirl and FrozenDin.

His sockpuppets tended to be more in the Hashemite-style “Oblivious” mode than the vengeful Collins-type.

In Fiction

Appeared in Wars (prior to banning) as a World Trade Organisation lackey.

Also made a memorable appearance in an Anglistan short story by Nek.

Burton K Wheeler once made a comic about HelloLegend.

Appeared as the villain in the The Series episode SEALIONS ON AN AIRSHIP.

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