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Chaos Timeline : References and cameos

As with, e.g., Hendryk's Superpower Empire China 1912 timeline, there are also a lot of stories for this timeline lying around.

The difference: All the stories are written by Max Sinister; and in many cases, the stories aren't really stories but excerpts of books, articles, reviews, forum discussions, commercial ads, and so on. But they also have something in common - hidden references to various members of Grey Wolf appears as Gray Wolvertone, court chronicler of New Albion; Thande is mentioned as the Technische Hochschule Argentinien/Neustadt für Delizierung und Eisenverarbeitung, abbrev. T.H.A.N.D.E. (Technical university/college of Neustadt/Argentine for refining and iron processing); ljofa appears as Logo Jedermann; Cathryn Gallant from the Old Board as scandal author Katherine Geller; Leo Caesius inspired the phrase “pulling a Leo”; and the members Ian the Admin, Hendryk, Gladi, hansmeister, POTUS Diffin (as OT-DDR78), David bar Elias, Steffen and Max Sinister himself appear as members of WWW (“Was wäre wenn”, German for WI), TTL's equivalent of And there's also a Dieter Waas guy who's very interested in Lesbians…

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