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offtopic:ah.com_structure Structure

This is a simple (and hopefully helpful) guide to the structure of the discussion board. We hope it will be particularly useful to any new members who want to find out more about which forums to post in, concerning particular topics or particular writing projects.

The Discussion Boards

Old Board (2000-2004)

New Board (2004-present)

The Old Board's Forums

The New Board's Current Forums

Help Forum (2019-present)

Rules Forum (2019-present)

Test Messages Forum (2003-present)

'Before 1900' Forum (2005-present)

'After 1900' Forum (2005-present)

Finished Timelines and Scenarios Forum (2006-present)

Books and Media Forum (2003-present)

Maps and Graphics Forum (2013-present)

Writer's Forum (2003-present)

Future History Forum (2005-present)

Alien Space Bats Forum (2003-present)

Fandom AH Forum (2017-present)

Shared Worlds Forum (2005-present)

Media and Fandom Forum (MFF, 2017-present)

Non-political Chat Forum (NPC, 'NonPolChat', 2006-present)

Political Chat Forum (PC, 'PolChat', 2006-present)

The New Board's Defunct Forums

Announcements Forum (2003-2013)

Rules and Administration Forum (2003-2016, merged into 'Help and Rules' in May 2016)

Help and Feedback Forum (2003-2016, merged into 'Help and Rules' in May 2016)

Help and Rules Forum (2016-2019, split into “Help” forum and “Rules” forum)

Wiki Forum (2007-2013)

Old Board Archive (removed in 2014, archived externally thanks to efforts of some AH.commers)

See Also

Where do I start ? - Sample discussion, with established members of the board giving basic advice to a newcomer who's unsure where to post which type of story or scenario.

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