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The Pond

The Pond - Mod-only thread listing members who are currently in voluntary exile from the board (i.e. they requested a temporary, voluntary ban or kick from the board due to reasons like work, vacation, etc.). Why “the pond” ? Because on it is custom to say these people have “gone fishing”.

Has nothing to do with a certain Scottish ginger.

How it works

Although has long been known for banning, kicking and warning people guilty of committing infractions, there is a distinct trend of people asking for bans or kicks without disciplinary concerns, i.e., needing someone to enforce them to stay away from the site.

This is known as the pond, after CalBear's remarks about people going fishing if they've requested a ban.

Please keep this in chronological order; if people return on the same date, put them in alphabetical order.

(I hope this also makes it easier for the mods to keep bans/kicks timed as well. Some purging of the Hall of Infamy into a “Permanent” classification is also needed.) -BM (Work in Progress)

NAME / End of BAN date

List of people that are fishing forever (or until they come back)

Members permanently banned at their own request. Can come back whenever they want, as long as they notify the admin or the mods of their return.

Indefinite leave
Temporary leave (work reasons, etc.)

NOTE: Please do not put the people from this list in the Hall of Infamy. Since their bans are wholly voluntary on their part, they don't belong on that page.

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