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offtopic:ah.com_s_interwebsite_relations's Interwebsite Relations has a number of different relationships with several AH-related websites and other websites, including those listed below.

1.) English Language Sites



Friendly Rivals



In Memoriam

  • Soc.History.What-If - The late, great, early alternate history fansite and discussion forum.
  • - Sometimes ally, sometimes rival. But we love 'em all the same. After roughly a decade-long existence, closed its doors in 2015, but has successors in the Endless Worlds forum and (more loosely) in the Writer's Ark forum.
  • Alternia - Former foe of, apparently. Nobody really knew about it before Alternia's desmise.
  • - Former smaller alternate history forum, started as a more casual and lower traffic alternative to
  • Endless Worlds - A forum created by Gan on the 11th of September, 2015 after it was announced that would be closing. Originally known as “Other History”, before the change to the current name.

Special Case

2.) Other Language Sites





See Also

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