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The Mantle of Eternal N00bishness

A rare honour(?) or artefact bestowed upon luakel.

Nekromans was also tarred with the Mantle in his early posting days as 'The English Luakel', but subsequently overcame it by the power of Leicestrian Gaysexuality.

In fiction

Abbreviated as 'The Mantle of N00b', it appeared in the eponymous Series episode “MONTANA HOWERY AND THE MANTLE OF N00B”. It was described as being similar to the Turin Shroud, containing the bloodstains of the original clone-source Luakel, and thus being the key to inventing a bioweapon to destroy luakel clones. Though it was sought for by Evil MrP, the Mantle ended up in AH.commer hands, where Thande and Torqumada concluded from tests that it could not be genuine, as the blood on it came from a luakel almost identical with the crew's own luakel, only just a little older…

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