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The term n00b in an context has a richer meaning to that which it carries in the wider Internet.

Broadly speaking, a n00b is a variety of newbie characterised by being irritating, arrogant towards law, and often a teenager. Paradoxically, calling someone a n00b also reveals one to be irritating and arrogant towards the spirit of law.

Former member Straha was the sworn enemy of all n00bs. This lead him to do massive campaigns to get all n00bs and n00b like members banned. This campaign was partially sucessful in that it contributed to Straha getting banned, reducing the n00b population of the board by one.

The fortyseven connection

When a mere newbie commits an act warranting the accusation of n00b-ness, this is traditionally heralded by the longtime member fortyseven's cry of 'N000000b N00b N000000000b!', often followed by a request to get him a beer. More recently, EvolvedSaurian has taken up fortyseven's warcry, adapted to request coffee.

n00b subtypes

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