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The Republic of Singapore is a relentlessly capitalistic and somewhat authoritarian city-state. Although everyone knows this, only Flocc himself is allowed to actually refer to the fact that its democracy is somewhat impaired. It was featured in one episode of Series as a high-tech, spaceflight-capable island.

  • Beer Rating: 9/10. Produces Tiger beer, one of the best lagers in the world.

Also noted for its completely unappealing Miss Universe contestants, see Flocculencio for further evidence of the unatractiveness of natives.

Flocc's pictures of Singapore tend to make it look as though the whole island is a slightly rickety film set in the middle of a jungle.

On the 'How Americans see the world' maps, Singapore is usually labelled “Part of China”.

Due to Flocc's continuous gloating on the 'Everything in the UK Gone Mad' threads, many Britons on the forum have come to see Singapore with misty eyes as a paradisical blessed land in which common sense rules.


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