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2007 - 2008 Parliament of the Imperial Republic of


The second Parliament of, elected on August 16, 2007 and convened on August 21, 2007. This Parliament dealt with unprecedented amounts of turmoil, ranging from controversial Acting Presidency of Sargon to the Great Troll Invasions of November 2007, the Noob Movement, and the Anti-Parliament movement of 2008. Although the 2007 Parliament was much more active than its predecessor, it was only marginally more successful. Only three Acts were passed: the Byzantine Ministry Act, the Extraterrestrial Affairs Act, and the Anti-Parliament Act. This Parliament was dissolved on August 4, 2008.



Douglas of the Evil Party served as Prime Minister during this Parliament. Kidblast of the Yorkshire Socialist Party served as Deputy Prime Minister. The Opposition Leader during this session was Michael of the Keep Everything The Way It Was Before Party.

Majority Opposition
Agentdark (E) Flocculencio (KETWIWB)
Douglas (E) Michael (KETWIWB)
Gladi (E) MrP (KETWIWB)
Haggis (E) The Bald Imposter (KETWIWB)
Ran Exilis (E) Kabraloth (FFF)
HistoryFan 92 (YSP) Steffen (FFF)
Kidblast (YSP) Superdude (PPP)
Nekromans (YSP)

Committees and Commissions

Parties in Parliament


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