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Byzantine Ministry Act


In Spring 2008, the Parliament once again became active as the Evil Party made attempts to pass legislation fulfilling their electoral promises. This was the first piece of legislation ever proposed by President Midgard (E) and the first considered since his return to


On May 3, 2008, President Midgard (E) proposed the establishment of a Ministry of Byzantine Affairs, fulfilling one of the Evil Party's campaign promises from the 2007 elections. This bill was endorsed by Nekromans (YSP) and Prime Minister Douglas (E).

Text of Legislation

The Parliament shall establish the Ministry of Byzantine Affairs.


Both Vice President Sargon, Chairman of the Evil Party, and Vice President Thande, Chairman of the Yorkshire Socialist Party, endorsed this proposal, ensuring majority support, making this bill the first passed by the 2007 Parliament of Considering his extensive knowledge on the subject, Midgard was nominated to the post by Vice President Sargon.

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