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Peerage Reform bill


Since early 2008, His Administratorness' Government worked to integrate the nobility of into Politics, primarily through the creation of the Landsraad. However, following the election of the first Landsraad in March 2009, two opposing views arose in Parliament over what powers the Landsraad should be granted and the regulation of noble titles. One side, as espoused by Susano of the Federalist Federation of Federalists in the Powers of the Landsraad bill, called for ceding the Lower House's powers over the regulation of noble titles to the Landsraad. The other side, spearheaded by maverick of the Evil Party in the Peerage Reform bill, instead called for a tri-partisan commission staffed by members of both houses to oversee reform and regulation of the Peerages.


MP maverick (E) submitted this bill to the Lower House of Parliament on April 16, 2009. There was immediate opposition to the bill and maverick lamented: “I'm not sure why people hate reform and better government…” MP Susano (FFF) answered: “Nobody hates better government. We just agreee the nobility should stand apart from government.”

In response to Susano's comment, on April 17 MP Keenir (E) questioned why the nobility was given a voice in the government in the first place if they wished to stand apart from it.

Following the coup attempt by the Funny Hat Revolution on April 21, MP maverick (E) decided to withdraw the bill, citing “a change of heart concerning individual rights and rights of the Nobility.”

Proposed Text of Legislation

Whereas it has been recognized that the Peerage is cleary in need of speedy reform and management, and that the state of many titles is yet to be confirmed, it is hereby proposed:

Article I: that a tri-partisan, bi-cameral committee is to be created to study and remedy the issues with the granting, elimination and administration of titles;

Article II: as through the Landsraad has made the peerages political, a politician should not be in charge of the institution, at least not without checks and balances; a tri-partisan parliamentary comission must oversee the activities of the peerage and assist the Right Honourable member for Elsaß in his difficult task;

Article III: guidelines, provisions and regulations must be provided for the administration of the peerage, including clauses for the granting and revoking of titles;

Article IV: the current status of the banned peers and their titles must be fixed within the next month;

Article V: all partisanship is to be eliminated in the process and the administration of the peerage


Voting on this bill began in the Lower House of Parliament on April 16, 2009 and will ended when the bill was withdrawn on April 22, 2009.

maverick (E) and 09camaro (E) voted AYE.

Susano (FFF), Pkmatrix (YSP), Deputy Prime Minister LordInsane (E), and Prime Minister TheDarkServant (E) voted NAY.

VulcanTrekkie45 (YSP), Keenir (E), Ran Exilis (E), Haggis (E), Gladi (E), Demosthenes (E), Opposition Leader Kidblast (YSP), Nekromans (YSP), and Steffen (FFF) have not yet voted.

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