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A Scandinavian member (and a Scandinavist, too, but only as long as that means mashing states together) and enthusiastic Eurofederalist. In fact, he supports everything lowering the count of states on Earth, including the British Empire, in the hope that one day there will be a world government. Preferably a British Imperial one. As yet, his only finished timeline is the ASB timeline A Scholar's History of Taretia, Sapience to the 620s. Member of the Robot Revolt.

Lives in Sweden but claims to be a Norwegian exile. Or, rather, thinks that the area he comes from is a Norwegian territory under the occupation of Sweden.

Has developed a fierce hatred of Electronic Arts for their actions vis-a-vis the Command & Conquer series, most notably, the seriousness of Red Alert, and the Tiberian/Tiberium Issue.

Is working on A Central East, a timeline about the Central Powers focusing on the Eastern Front in WW1, with a neutral Britain.

LordInsane's super power is that his posts seem to be misattributed to other people, and vice versa, by quite a large number of posters.

Is a member of the EVIL Party as a Member of Parliament, and the current Deputy Prime Minister of

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