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Mr. BoJangles (09camaro, 010camaro)

Is a forum member from a small town in California known as El Dorado Hills. Having his name recently changed to reflect the new year and to retain the number 1 name spot on current active board members. He spends most of his time on Shared Worlds his User CP on threads that he has posted in, many of which offer high traffic or are from NPChat threads. He is known for most notably creating the NING-Shared Worlds Game which adopted a new structure to games: A war mod and further rules. His username has been commonly misspelled as 09camero. And he has been known from time to time to make off-handed or blatantly rude comments to other members, though formally apologizes when he does. Other common rants involve many random comments, and memes. He has declared that Vulcantrekkie45, Thande, Susano, Archangel Michael, and Zyzzyva are his site mentors. And is oft inspired by Highlander, Darkaiz, Krall and many others. Camaro has also inspired several board members, like VenicianCalifornia and Timmy811. It has appeared upon many instances where The Kiat would make rude and snarky comments to Camaro. Camaro currently knows of no reason why The Kiat appears to ate him so, but rolls it off his shoulder as The Kiat is a total douchebag of a troll merely being a dick strictly for the lulz. it doesn't matter.


After some debate amongst several members and himself, he declared himself to be a Conservative Libertarian. This has been backed by multiple political stance tests. In contrast to this however, he has created several short timelines in the various Map Threads that tend to involve German victories, American controlled Baja Peninsula, and several other possible clichés in his maps. These factors have also branded him as a Nationalist Libertarian.

09camaro is attributed with the quote: “I would rather live under a Queen than a homophobic President.” which suggests some unhappiness with the fact the US is a Republic. pleased with the state of the Unites States Democratic Republic, yet has a major issue with the persons who are not intelligent enough to see that the people that they elect are not doing anything worth re-electing those politicians in the first place.


Originally known for being of French decent, he later would clarify that he is in fact a European mutt. Broken down, he claims to have nationalities of:

  • German
  • French
  • Welsh/Irish
  • Basque
  • Cajun (Louisiana French/Black)

In recent posts, after the rise, and self induced fall, of NING, he would bring out a major shift into the boards. His latest series map timeline created a world in which the Central powers were victorious. Several spin-off maps would follow. He created a massive, united Austro-Prussian Empire, a Scandinavian empire (which could also be attributed to later maps), and an independent state in Spain/France known as Euskadi. Euskadi embraces a long push for independence from the Basque peoples of Northern Spain and Southwestern France, and is the Basque language name for their country.

The current series of maps utilizes the Q-BAM (coined by 09camaro), and, as per his map-making style, is put into a series map-TL and continues to show nearly every possible cliche on However, unlike previous map-TL's, this series also shows several new, as of yet unseen changes.

Board Membership

09camaro has been a member of the board since 2007.


09camaro has made several mini/map TLs since he has been on the site. However, none has been more profound than the one seen recently. This series, which remains nameless, features nearly every possible cliche on, with each one coming to be with a grand series of twists and quirks that make it original. Using the Q-bam as the base for his map, he has progressed throughout time from 1400 upwards. He is also in cahoots with Q to give the map the additional fluff necessary for it to pass by unnoticed by those who aren't interested. He has stated that his maps will eventually (more likely never) begin to be “effectified” for the Map Thread audience so that comments are more common.

09camaro is also known for his assistance in the universal_colour_scheme reformatting. He also has completely trashed the universal_colour_scheme to work on a(n improved) version, which is still only used by himself.

Running Jokes

Whenever Thande has taken a picture of himself, the common running joke is that the picture was taken by someone who had been stabbed. On 4 of those occassions, 09camaro was the picture taker, and by extent, the stabee.

Shared Worlds

09camaro spawned a brand new series of Shared Worlds games known as Nations Games. The original, New Interactive Nations Game, or NING for short, was a crude and simple game that became more developed. Supposedly the longest running Nations Game in recent history, having nearly 1000 posts until it was closed in the beginning of 2008. this game also won the 2008 Turtledove Award for Best Shared Worlds game. His more recent games, Nations Game: Earth Rise, saw him as a nation of indigenous peoples that had been sent to the Antarctic Peninsula for “Research Experiments.” He started late but did what he could with what he had. His most recent, and still running, game is the Shared Worlds Tourney, started by Demosthenes. He is currently playing as a revitalized Empire of Japan. Due to one of the posts in the game’s sub-threads, he has been deemed “hardcore” by m2thet5678. Whether this claim had been verified is as of yet unknown.



For a time, 09camaro became abnormally obsessed with the Pokemon series. Most people lost interest in this fad around the second generation games. However, 09camaro has had a minute interest retained within his body until now. At intervals, most prominently in the “Say Something Nice about the Poster above You Thread,” 09camaro would post images of Pokemon to relate the relative levels of awesome of some of the board members. And for a while in the Map Thread, he attempted to make a map replica of the Pokemon Universe. However, troubles with the 4th generation games and maps rendered this task postponed to an undetermined date. He has quietly announced that Jigglypuff is the best Pokemon in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and rivals most of the major characters when used correctly.

09camaro's sexuality can best be described as closet Pokesexual, and it is a badly kept secret that he likes to imagine performing fellatio on Charmanders, Bulbasaurs and Squirtles, describing this trio as “the best threesome ever.” a respectable heterosexual, despite what Northstar would have you believe.

4-chan and /b/

A professed member of the infamous site, 09camaro had an extensively prolonged period of time where he would spout several memes and Rick-roll multiple board members. It was tolerated for a while. Until Archangel Michael and Zyzzyva, whom he affectionately calls Zz, became outrageously angry with him. Zz himself personally set out to purge his mind and cleanse his soul of the evils that had been imprinted upon it by that devilish site. Now, 09camaro has gained control of the evils that inhabit his mind and soul. The occasional slip will lead to a short outburst from him, but he will regain control of it within an hour. He also has an extensive /b/ folder that takes up nearly 61.1 MB of data. When Adam requested that he send the folder, it had to be compressed into 7 much smaller folders consisting of about 9.8 KB each.

User Headlines

Upon several occasions he has used 4chan memes in his user headlines.


09camaro has stated multiple times, since the beginning of December 2007 that he intends to join the military. This was the primary cause for the downfall of NING. Recently, he has stated to other esteemed board members that he is in fact enlisted in the United States Air Force. Other, presumed dead, forums on the site have shown that he also is straight and intends to marry his girlfriend. He has also stated that he plans to become a pilot of the F-22 Raptor ASF, be in the military until the age of 40, teach until 60, and then attempt to run for president of the United States. Upon asking several of his own classmates, family members, and board members, he has received an approximated 50% return rate on his “voter turn out.” Needless to say, if he ran for president he could win. However, some of his more brutal opponents have come out saying that if he were to win the office of President of the United States of America, the world would collapse unto itself and time itself would cease to exist. In short, if he were to be elected President, the country would “Divide by Zero”

Military Career

When 09camaro disappeared from the board on the 14th of September 2008, he had begun his basic training in the USAF. There were two occasions where he managed to post on the site. When 09camaro appeared again, he was in Mississippi. For 2 months he was stationed there before he was ordered to return to Texas. Since June, 09camaro has been at Eglin AFB, Florida and has said that this is quite possibly the best assignment he could have ever had.

09camaro's inspiration for joining the military is undoubtably Northstar, who 09camaro has a burning but chained passion for. Due to the barbaric DADT policies employed by the US military 09camaro can never reveal his true feelings for Northstar until the US elects a President with balls. 09camaro always keeps a photograph of Northstar in the top left hand pocket of his unifrom, even when on poxy airforce exercises.


09camaro has a profile on the wiki, and has extended an open invitation for additions to it here.

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