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A member from Georgia who registered in late 2007. He is a active on the boards and is a member of the EVIL Party. He is well known for his polls and associated graphs: the graphs in particular are really quite well done. Interests

Demosthenes spends most of his time on dealing with the Shared Worlds forum. However, he devotes most of his life to the Offtopic sections, and to Politics, both on AH.Com, and in real life. He began writing in the AH Writer's Forum with the new series,AH.COM: LOST.

Claims to Fame

He started the “Person of the Year” contest, selecting a single remarkable user once a year for some major thing they did. However, considering that Demo ah donly been a user for less than three months when the winner was announced, many found that contest to be a bit…suspicious. Locke was able to discover why and how Demo made Thande the 2007 Person of the Year.

Demosthenes was the Editor-in-Chief of the AH.COM Newspaper. He also is a Judge in the Shared Worlds Tournament with Krall and Codae.

AH.COM Politics

Is an apprentice to Darth Madeuppius, of the EVIL Party of AH.COM. He is also the Assistant to the Electoral Officer, Douglas.

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