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The Honourable Gentlemen's Club

Founded: 30th December 2009

Offical motto: AD HONOREM (English: “For (the) hono(u)r”, i.e. not for any material reward).

Member list

There are currently 58 members of the HGC, as listed below:

Former Members
  • Susano - Former Gentleman Usher and proprietor of Café Congress, a traditional Viennese coffee house on the mezzanine floor. After his departure the café has become overrun with a variety of argumentative German and Turkish ghosts (in honour of himself and another former AH.commer, Abdul Hadi Pasha). Has been removed from the membership due to being banned.
  • Sachyriel - Former Gentleman Usher and proprietor of the Robin Hood, a tavern built near the entrance of the HGC Clubhouse. Has been removed from the membership due to being banned.


-Under construction-

Information and mission statement


Membership of the Honourable Gentlemen's Club is restricted to people who are jolly nice and damned honourable! There are no restrictions on nationality, class or gender: you merely have to be good and honourable.


At the moment the Honourable Gentlemen's Club's goal is to spread friendship, happiness and understanding across all of and - if possible - beyond! How? Well by being excruciatingly nice, of course! We aim to stop arguments before they get out of hand by inviting anyone and everyone to calm down with a lovely cup of tea and a slice of Battenberg!


There are only two ranks in the Honourable Gentlemen's Club: Fellow of the HGC and Chairman of the HGC. The Chairman, de jure, holds all power over the society, but as an Honourable Gentleman he's sure to take any and all suggestions and opinions into account. In case you're wondering, Krall is the current Chairman of the HGC. Other positions hold no de facto power of their own, only those powers which are given to them by the Chairman.


Just ask! Provided you're an honourable fellow - or lady as the case may be - you're welcome to join or leave us at any time! As a matter of policy, everyone is assumed to be perfectly honourable when they first apply for membership; if you later prove to be rather dishonourable we may have to revoke your membership (though I understand that we all have the occasional off day).

Positions within the HGC


Krall is the Chairman as he founded the HGC and claimed the title. No one has objected, the unwritten rule of it being 'Ungentlemanly' to usurp him.

The Honourable and Gentlemanly Welcome Committee

Honourable Welcomemaster General mowque - Has “full powers to appoint people to the Welcoming Committee, to create positions within the Welcoming Committee and to organise Welcoming Committee drives and ventures.”

Members of the Welcoming Committee

The Honourable and Gentlemanly Wisdom Institute

Honourable Director Lord Roem - In charge of the Wisdom Institute . The Institute is responsible for hosting lectures by fellow members. He is known as the “Silencing and Terrifying Fury of Upstairs” by the Gentleman Ushers.

Honourable Assistant Director Basileus Giorgios - In change of the essays endeavour.

Gentlemanly Positions

Gentleman Defenestrator
  • Benkarnell - In charge of defenestrating those ejected from the HGC. The defenestration is purely ceremonial and from the first/ground floor only.
Gentleman Librarian
  • Lord Roem - Head librarian of the Clio Library, located on the opposite side of the mezzanine from Café Congress. Known as the “Silencing and Terrifying Fury of Upstairs” by the Gentleman Ushers.
Gentleman Ushers
  • General Greene - Proprietor of the Robin Hood, a tavern near the entrance, known for serving Sherwood cider and the King's Deer meal. The space behind the back broom cupboard is haunted by the ghost of its former proprieter, Sachyriel.
  • TheDarkServant - Proprietor of the Rose And Crown, a tavern located betwixt the Common Room and Great Hall.


Colonelgoth - A friendly street tramp that frequents the street outside the HGC. As a precautionary measure Krall conducts a regular count of the silverware and reminds members not to indulge in Trading Places-esque bets.

Presently resides in a small, eloquently designed and built shack underneath the main stairs.

Notable contents include:

  • Small library, populated mostly with pilfered books from the HGC Wisdom Institute, much to chagrin of Lord Roem
  • Several drawers of HGC engraved silverware
  • Many bottles of alcohol 'donated' by the various establishments of the HGC.
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