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An American member from Pennsylvania who joined the ranks in 2007.

He was initially known as “the one with a Q in his name”, but has since become known for his lack of interest in any media form developed since the 19th century, most particularly video games and comic books (which has been known to drive Ynnead up the wall). Also does not understand British English. He is also perhaps the most inoffensive person in the world. This may have something to do with him being utterly reasonable and entirely without vices.

In 2010 Mowque left the forum due to not having internet at home. Someone (The Wandering Poet, formerly The British Scotsman) speculated that his parents might have bought it him as a Christmas present and, IN A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, this turned out to be true. Mowque returned to much rejoicing, saving us from our plans to replace him with Chingo360 and/or a blow-up doll.

A member of the Tolkienist Cabal. Also considered the voice of reason on American politics threads, and responsible for approximately 50% of all the PMs sent on the site.

His username is apparently the name of the major villain in a fantasy story he's considered writing.

Mowque has strongly held pacifist beliefs and will beat up anyone who says he doesn't.

Recently married a fellow librarian, to which there was much rejoicing.

Probably has a cursed portrait stashed up in the attic (next to MrP's), as he is in his twenties yet looks 12.

Banned as of April 23, 2014.

Typical quotes

“I don't like (subject of thread)”

“(Subject of thread)? Is that something people do?”

“(Relevant Lord of the Rings quote to thread subject)”


Unbroken Chains - A timeline.

In Fiction

The ATL North American political figure of Mo Quedling from Thande's Look to the West saga is based on Mowque and some aspects of his personality.

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