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The Kralltonic Order

'And lo did Krall speaketh and he doth say 'Go out and conquer North Korea in my name' And He doth begat on to Ryder the Holy Big Stick of Krall. And doth Ryder did search the land and brought to him the greatest Knights and warriors of the age, with which to subdue the Communists Deamons who so angered the Mighty Lord'

The Big Book of Krall, Posts of St TheDarkServant to the Unwashed 37:12

The Kralltonic Order was the Military wing of the The Krallhá'í Faith (The Church of Krall). It is loosely affiliated with the now disbanded Fascist Fascist Bastard Fascist Party.

Founding Charter of the Order

The Kralltonic Order - Read it… and weep !

Founding Principles

  • Krall is Great
  • What Krall says goes
  • Militant Churches/Religious Orders are awesome
  • We are Dark and Gothic (And Not the lame kind of Gothic)


  • Krall (Religious Messiah/Leader, though he's not technically a member of the Order, King of Goguryeo)
  • Ryder (Grand Master of the Order of the Kralltonic Knights, Leader of the Church of Krall, Imperial Knight)
  • TheDarkMessiah (Prophet of the Church of Krall, and Lord Verräter, Kralls' Official Starscream.)
  • BriefMortal (Lord Knight of the Order of The Kralltonic Knights, Depute-Leader of the Church of Krall)
  • vultan (Commander of the Red Knights of Krall)
  • Colonelgoth (Premier of Goguryeo, Knight-Protector of Scotland and Chaplain of the Kralltonic Order, etc)
  • Detroitman32 (Bane of the Heretics and Holy Protector of the Lakes)
  • Solomaxwell6(Commander of the Black Knights of Krall, Commander of Kralltonic Space Weaponry)
  • Georgepatton (Kralltonic Knight Tank Corp Commander, Second In Command, Kralltonic armed Forces)

Order lands and Headquarters

The Order has a presence in several areas, including a wing in the massive, sprawling, underground lair of the FFBFP, the mobile command ship The Big Stick, it controls several castles and important cities in Scotland and recently thanks to the strategic use of the Scott Monument (aka TB3) the Order has taken control of TB5 and attached Dr Horrible's freeze ray on to it.

The Order has recently taken complete control of North Korea (Now renamed Goguryeo). With Krall established as King and Colonelgoth as Premier.

After tense negotiations with Susano and the Chinese peers of, Krall has begun the invasion of Northern China and Mongolia. The Chinese peers will retain their lands in the South in a corrupt communist regime.

With the demise of the FFBF Party and the conversion of Krall into a thoroughly nice chap the Kralltonic Order was disbanded.

Projected Territories and Their Leaders

  • Uyghuristani Kuraltai: Krall Khan; Chief Minister TheDarkServant
  • Formosa: King Krall; Lieutenant Governor Ryder
  • Mongolia: Krall Khagan; Chancellor Imajin
  • Manchuria: Emperor Krall; Prime Minister Solomaxwell6

The Order's Weaponry

The Big Stick

Church Tanks

Air Superiority Fighters (Proposed Name: K5-16 'Gerbil')

Flags and Symbols



Symbols (Proposed)

In Fiction

The Kralltonic Order of Knights is, in-universe, one of the military arms of the Guild of Vexilologists and Iconographers from Enterprise.

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