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The Fascist Fascist Bastard Fascist Party

An political party created by Krall on the 23rd of April, 2009, in this thread. The FFBFP was founded on the principle that people have the inherent right to be lied to by politicians. Since then Krall has left the party, and the party's new platform has not been decided on. On the 13th of July the party's Chairman, Ryder, dissolved the party, and fused it and all other members of the EGO Coalition into the The Egotistical Alliance of Liberty. The FFBFP had the following members when it was dissolved:


The FFBFP had various policies and platforms throughout its short life, mainly focusing on parodying fascism and government reform. Following the 7/7 reforms by Krall, the party had only non-serious policies, in contrast to and in protest of the other political parties, who are generally rather serious about their party platforms.


  • 23th of April 2009: The Congress Party dissolved and its membership was absorbed into the FFBFP.
  • 24th of April 2009: The then-incumbent Prime Minister TheDarkServant defected from the Evil Party to the FFBFP.
  • 16th of May 2009: Along with the forces of the Kralltonic Order, the military wing of the FFBFP brutally conquered liberated North Korea.
  • 23rd of June 2009: An attempted coup by Ryder forced Krall into hiding for a short time. In the interim TheDarkServant tried to assume full and permanent control over the Party. Krall told him that it would be “seriously dickish” to permanently remove him from his position, though TheDarkServant countered, saying that it would be “dickish” to delay the roleplay for much longer. Krall therefore promised to update and resolve the crisis within an hour, which he did, producing a comprehensive list of the Party's policies and promising better defined powers for Party Spokespersons.
  • 30th of June 2009: “Der Bastardfaschistiche Partei von Deutschland (BFPD)” was created as a regional party of the FFBFP with Insertnamehere as its Chairman for the regional elections in the Imperial Vicariate of Elsaß-Lothringen. The EGO Coalition is formally created as a union of the FFBFP, StrangeSyn and the THATGROUP Party, and it is decided that the EGO Coalition shall stand as one party in all elections, with Krall as its Director-General (as elected by the Board of Directors, consisting of Krall, Hashasheen and Zacoftheaxes) and presidential candidate.
  • 5th of July 2009: TheDarkServant left the FFBFP and joined the Stranger Syndicate.
  • 7th of July 2009: Krall enacts the 7/7 Reforms. Several members of the FFBFP leave because of this.
  • 13th of July 2009: Krall leaves the party due to the opposition to his policies and the party's poor performance in the regional elections in the Imperial Vicariate of Elsaß-Lothringen, and joins the Stranger Syndicate. Ryder subsequently disolves the party and forms the The Egotistical Alliance of Liberty..

23rd of June coup and the Party's Reform

On the 22nd of June 2009 after a minor disagreement with Krall over treatment of another, Ryder put into action his long planned coup, hoping to win control of the FFBFP. Unfortunetly the support he expected did not materialise and the coup ended in failure. During an epic battle, in which Colonelgoth had assumed temporary charge of the party due to the absence of both Krall and TDS, Krall was forced to flee and took shelter in Solomaxwell6's castle. He was then quiet apart from announcing, on the 23rd of June, that TheDarkservant was to take temporary control of the party. Krall later produced a statement to the Party, which included a list of policies and opinions that the party was to hold in future. This list is now defunct, following the 7/7 Reforms, which are also defunct, following Krall's abandonment of the party.

The full text of this statement can be found here.

Party symbols

The FFBFP's symbol was a cross consisting of four question marks which bears absolutely no resemblance to the symbol of the Nazi Party. It is known as the questionmastika. The symbol was designed by Krall, as were all official party flags and banners.

A vertical banner including the FFBFP symbol.

A flag including the FFBFP symbol.

Party anthems

The Hell March 3 tune was chosen as the anthem of the FFBFP. Similarly, the Soviet March tune was chosen as the anthem of the Party Chairman.

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