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2007 Turtledove Awards Winners

The Turtledove Awards of 2007 were held fairly late in that year, during June and July.

I. Timelines

Best Ancient Timeline
Basileus' Interference by Basileus - award plaque

Best Medieval Timeline
A Song of Roland by Scarecrow - award plaque

Best Renaissance and Reformation Era Timeline
The Anglo-Dutch Empire by Flocculencio - award plaque

Best 18th Century Timeline
The Franco-American War of 1798 by Blochead - award plaque

Best 19th Century Timeline
Decades of Darkness by Jared - award plaque

Best World War II Era Timeline
Hitler's Mediterranean Strategy by Max Sinister - award plaque

Best Late 20th Century Timeline
The Ministry of Space by mr.bluenote - award plaque

Best Future History Timeline
The Lunar Dream by Blackmage - award plaque

Best ASB Timeline
2025 USA Isoted to Peshawar Universe by David Bar Elias - award plaque

Best Shared Worlds/Collaborative Timeline
Weimar World : The Weimar Republic Survives by Glen et al - award plaque

II. Stories

Best Comedy Work The Series (Season Two) by various authors - award plaque

Best Historical Fiction
Tales of the Superpower Empire by Hendryk et al - award plaque

Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Work
Moonstruck by Thande - award plaque

Best Work Based on Published Fiction
The Lost Regiment of Videssos by GBW - award plaque

III. Artwork

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