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2008 Turtledove Awards Winners

The 2008 Turtledove Awards saw the introduction of a major new category: Superlative Awards. These are a second set of awards, given to those already winning works that were voted “the best overall” in their category for that respective year.

I. Timelines

Best Ancient Timeline
Britons Triumphant by Robertp6165 - award plaque

Best Medieval Timeline
No Terror of Justinian - Glory Instead by Sargon - award plaque

Best Renaissance/Reformation Timeline
Henry IX (the Great) by Quiet Man - award plaque

Best 18th Century Timeline
Look to the West by Thande - award plaque

Best 19th Century
Decades of Darkness by Jared - award plaque

Best Early 20th Century
A Greater Britain by EdT - award plaque

World War II Timeline
A Fitter Italian Military by Croesus - award plaque

Best Cold War Timeline
The Cuban Missile War by Amerigo Vespucci - award plaque

Best Modern/Future Timeline
A Spanish Moroccan War in 2002 by Dr. Strangelove - award plaque

Best Timeline Based on Published Fiction
A House Divided - A Star Trek Timeline by General Paul - award plaque

Best Shared/Collaborative Timeline
New Interactive Nations Game by 09camaro et al - award plaque

Best Alien Contact Timeline
Be Careful What You Wish For... by Sargon - award plaque

Best Magical Timeline
Dystopic Return of Magic by RCTFI - award plaque

Best Other ASB
A Rusted Morning by Wolve - award plaque

II. Stories

Best Comedy/Satire Story
The Long Dark Eggnog Time of the Soul by Doctor What - award plaque

Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Story
Extinction Event by Doctor What - award plaque

Historical Fiction
Tales of the Superpower Empire by Hendryk et al - award plaque

Best Story Based on Published Fiction
Nazi Stargate by RCTFI - award plaque

III. Artwork

IV. Superlative Awards

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