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BlackMage is one of those random newbies who infest like flies, except this one's from Australia. He writes a lot; nothing particularly special, but occasionally he steals a nice line from someone else and sticks it in.

Admittedly, his existence goes so far unnoticed, but he's still hopeful. He's also the archnemesis of EvolvedSaurian, for reasons that he has long since forgotten. Because of this, his cameo roles in the Series typically see him paired with EvolvedSaurian.


His stories:

The Lunar Dream - Man returns to the moon – this time, to stay. Featuring frontier capitalism, complex electoral politics, cyberpunk Manchurian candidates, and the Luxembourg moonbase Charlotte.

Advance Australia - Under the fascist National Front, Australia is a totalitarian, paranoid society. Terry Newborn, insanely ambitious yet too cowardly to be evil, works his way through intrigue and treachery to the top. Featuring Joh Bjelke-Petersen, psychotic children, genocide and the devastation of New Zealand.

Well May We Say... - November 11 takes a dark turn – tracing the tribulations of Australia up until December 10, 1975, everything we consider normal is shattered and the Aussie soul takes a very dark turn. Featuring Joh Bjelke-Petersen, the destruction of the Harbour Bridge, subpar gonzo journalism and the death of dreams.

Revolutionaries : A Queensland Timeline - Australian political timeline with a POD in the mid 1990s.

The Redemption of the Fifth Hamlin - Former Republican Senator Sam Hamlin is a depressed alcoholic, haunted by his late, indifferent father and a new, ultra-conservative president. He stages a long-shot run for the presidency, for salvation if nothing else – but he has a secret. Featuring the Pogues, the Whitlams, the Andrens (long story) and New Hampshire. BlackMage's favourite of his stories, although it's hardly overburdened with competition.

The City - Islamic fantasy noir. Mysterious murders haunt the City, with hard-bitten journalist Yusuf ibn Allah forced into the savage underbelly of aristocratic politics. Featuring a straw man, pornography, laser pistols, and a guy getting shot in the face with a crossbow.

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