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The Ministry of Space

A late 20th century spaceflight timeline. Also known as “Briiiiiits iiiiin Spaaaaace!”. Created by Mr.Bluenote, it features, as one might expect, more British involvement in space.

The name pays homage to Warren Ellis' 2001 AH comic book miniseries Ministry of Space.

The timeline can be found here, but beware, it had undergone four revisions during the course of its existence. It is therefore advised that you use the chapter guide available below, to help you read the timeline with greater ease.


The chapters are sorted by version of the timeline. In this particular timeline, chapters are referred to as “parts”.

First Version

Second Version

Third Version

Fourth Version


At the 2007 Turtledove Awards, the timeline had won the "Best Late 20th Century Timeline" category.

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