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2006 Turtledove Awards Winners

This year introduced the second, blue background version of the long-popular makeshift “Harry Turtledove Oscar statuettes” plaque. Several new categories were introduced. AH.commers finally settled on a new name for the “Best 1400-1700 Timeline” category : “Best Renaissance and Reformation Period Timeline”.

I. Timelines

Best Ancient Timeline
A Third Hittite Empire by robertp6165 - award plaque

Best Medieval Timeline
The Unholy Roman Empire by Midgard (then known as Midgardmetal) and G.Bone - award plaque

Best Renaissance and Reformation Era Timeline
The Anglo-Dutch Empire by Flocculencio - award plaque

Best 19th Century Timeline
A Plethora of Princes by Grey Wolf - award plaque

Best Early 20th Century Timeline
Superpower Empire:China by Hendryk - award plaque

Best Late 20th Century Timeline
The March of Days Yet Unborn by Dominusnovus - award plaque

Best ASB Timeline
Washington's Warlocks by Diamond - award plaque

II. Stories

III. Artwork

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