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Flocc's Five


Season: 3

Episode: 8

Written by: Michael

Air date: March 11, 2007

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Thande has created a strange invention that Torqumada claims credit for, in the ensuing scuffle, there is an explosion, Thande recovers with some unusual side effects. Doctor What, Matt and IronYuppie take it upon themselves to 'cure' him.

Meanwhile, the chronically underemployed Quintet consisting of Luakel, Michael, Flocculencio, and Leo decide to try their hand at world conquering. Wacky hijinks ensue.


Space reserved for notes.


Space reserved for notes.

Behind the Scenes

This was one of the shorter episodes of the season, and also one of the more light hearted, being a serious change from the usual doom and gloom of the previous few. Also introduced another subset of the security forces of the hub. Also, MerryPrankster apparently had some difficulty in understanding just what was going on, many of the readers also called it 'surreal' the writer still doesn't quite know why they think it is.

Easter Eggs

Cameos of non-crewmembers:
MrP, Jolo, Ian, BoBo

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