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A German member of the board. Best known for being obsessed with ISOTs, and especially in setting up whaling and “algae farms” about five minutes after the ISOT.

In fiction

In the The Series, Jolo appeared as the mayor of a war-torn city (later revealed to be a version of Toronto) which had been saved from a Lesbian attack by The Germans. Naturally, algae farms dotted the city and his guards were dressed in wetsuits with harpoon guns and there were whale skeletons everywhere. After he managed to piss off Susano into attacking him by pressing all his berserk buttons, the Germans fled and the Lesbians returned, conquering the planet and executing Jolo.

There was also a looser reference in Moonstruck, in which a “Joe Lowe” is mentioned as the mastermind behind a network of bacterial vats producing food rations.

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