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stories:ah.com_enterprise_-_credits_and_production_notes Enterprise : Credits and Production Notes Proudly Presents…

An Presentation



Writer Chimps

Sorted alphabetically.

(All data current for August 2016.)

Acronym Notes

TOS - The Original Series, i.e. The Series
TNG - The Next Generation, i.e. The Next Generation
TRS - The Revived Series, i.e. THIS THING
AHCE - Enterprise, i.e. THIS THING

Preproduction Phase Archive

Plot and Characterisation Ideas Archive

Production Design Archive

New MES Spacecraft Specifications - for the two main ships in the new series, courtesy of RamscoopRaider (current update from 19th December 2013)

New MES Spacecraft Exterior Visuals - final concept drawing for the duo of new MES ships, courtesy of RamscoopRaider (current update from 15th January 2014)

Thoughts on Small Craft Designs - ideas for the auxilliary vessels of the two main MES ships, courtesy of Petike

This space reserved for your notes. Feel free to write between the heading and this line.

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