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A member of Indian origin from the Chicago area. Particularly active in the Future History forum, he is also known for the habit of signing off on almost every post with “Cheers, Ganesha”. Usually polite and has done a lot of work on Progress, Decline, and Hope, particularly in the areas of Africa and India.

A self-confessed minor egomaniac who begged shamelessly for others to edit his wiki page, a request which Pkmatrix (suffering from a little egomania himself at the time) fulfilled.

Works of Ganesha

In Fiction

The eponymous character of Ganesha, a crew member and one of the five commanders of the MES-2 Uchronia from Enterprise, is based on him. The character is the ship's communication officer, and notably, is the only character in the main cast who is gender-flipped, at the real person's request (the reasoning behind his decision being to add more female members to the main cast).

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