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stories:ah.com_enterprise_-_alternate_timelines Enterprise : Alternate Timelines

This page serves as a list of all timelines visited throughout the course of Enterprise episodes.

The timelines in the “Visited Timelines” section are sorted chronologically, while the timelines in the “Mentioned Timelines” section are sorted alphabetically.

1.) Visited Timelines

Timelines that were directly visited by members of the Twin Fleet (i.e. the main cast) or appeared directly “on screen” in an episode.

Hub Timeline - One of the few known “neutral zone” timelines of the multiverse, the Hub Timeline's main importance lies in the existence of The Hub of the Multiverse. This is a giant space habitat that serves as the headquarters of a polity/organisation that has dedicated all its efforts to exploring the multiverse and aiding in peacekeeping in troubled timelines (especially timelines troubled by Alien Space Bats, or totalitarian-minded multiverse polities that span several timelines). The Hub Timeline is effectively the mother timeline of the Twin Fleet and has become an adoptive timeline and refuge to many of the two ships' crew members.

Microstate Superpowers Timeline - In an alternate history where most countries were obliterated by a particularly devastating nuclear war, only microstates such as San Marino, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, the Channel islands, etc. have survived. Against all odds, they have remained beacons of advanced human civilisation and have become the rising superpowers of this brave new world… This timeline was visited by the Allohistory in the pilot episode, “AND THE WEAK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH”.

New Zealand Civil War Timeline - Though the POD behind it remains mysterious, the New Zealand of this timeline was formerly a monarchy, known as the Holy Aotearoan Empire. After the emperor was deposed by a coup while he was was on vacation in Scotland, the Empire became balkanized into two competing monarchies (one in the South, one in the North), led by two claimants to the former imperial throne. Four years after the outbreak of the civil war, the islands are still within the grip of this three-way conflict, though the actual fighting is rather low-intensity. Human Unity is known to have a secret space base in this timeline, in a nearby star system, which it uses for spying and clandestine purposes (this is due to HU having a strategic interest in some of the timeline's economies and resources). This timeline was visited primarily by the Uchronia crew in the two-parter episode “A VEXIE-ING ACQUAINTANCE” (mostly in the first half of the story).

The Coventry Zone - A special pocket universe hosting banned Hub residents, inadvertently visited by several crew members of the Twin Fleet in the titular episode “COVENTRY”.

2.) Mentioned Timelines

Timelines that have only been mentioned thus far in the show. This doesn't preclude their potential later appearence(s) in an episode.

An Alternate History of the Netherlands TL - Home timeline of STUYVESANT.

Canadawank Timeline - Briefly mentioned in the second half of A VEXIE-ING ACQUAINTANCE. The flag of this timeline's Canada was displayed to THEDARKMESSIAH by The Guild's Head Graphicsmage.

Chaos Timeline - Alluded to briefly by GEEKHIS KHAN in the first half of “A VEXIE-ING ACQUAINTANCE”.

Glorious Pinoy Empire TL - Home timeline of the Co-Empresses of the Glorious Pinoy Empire, the empire's Grand Vizier GIAN, and the trio's imperial staff (including Captain of the Guard THETIMERANGER). The Empire seems to have a lot of soft power in the field of multiverse diplomacy, as well as being economically strong and self-sufficient, and even posseses extensive spacecraft, aircraft and shift drive manufacturing capability. Known advanced manufacturing conglomerates of the GPE include the likes of Pinoy Imperial Staryards (PIS) and Pinoy Empire Aerospace Solutions (PEAS). The latter company was instrumental in helping HubTech Inc. devise and construct the third generation of MES ships, as well as several smaller aerospace craft in their inventory (e.g. the Bantam aerospace fighter).

Independent Danish Virgin Isles TL - Briefly mentioned in the second half of A VEXIE-ING ACQUAINTANCE. The flag of this timeline's (apparently independent) Danish Virgin Isles was displayed to TheDarkMessiah by The Guild's Head Graphicsmage.

Lands of Red and Gold TL - Alluded to briefly by GEEKHIS KHAN in the first half of “A VEXIE-ING ACQUAINTANCE”.

Male Rising-esque Timeline - Home timeline of GANESHA. No one is entirely sure whether the timeline is really identical to Male Rising or not, but from what is known of its more recent history, it seems to be very similar or maybe even related.

OTL - Seems to be the home timeline of GOTTHEIT and SULEMAIN (even though they come from different periods of its history).

Oversized Spiders TL - Home timeline of NERUPE. It got overrun by an infestation of giant spiders in the early 2000s. NERUPE's pet brown recluse Emma is thought to have been one such spider, before NERUPE tamed her and became her good friend.

Parrotpunk TL - Home timeline of GEEKHIS KHAN. As he himself describes it, “Parrotpunk! The world according to Jimmy Buffet songs. Azure-watered island party paradises filled with clueless tourists sipping daiquiris… while in the shadows intrigue abounds and exotic danger is only a Grumman Goose hop to a pirate town on a lonely cay ! Cowboys, pirates, smugglers, shady pilots and boat captains, femme fatals, and modern day warrior-bards blend with clever and industrious natives. Cargo cults clash with drug-runners. Sport Fishermen uncover cursed Aztec gold. And everyone follows the unspoken rule that at sunset conflicts get put on hold and all observe a moment of silence and self-reflection with a Cuban cigar and an overproof Jamaican rum.”.

Protect and Survive universe - Alluded to briefly by GEEKHIS KHAN in the first half of “A VEXIE-ING ACQUAINTANCE”. (Specifically, the allusion is to New Zealand in that timeline.)

Sky Pirates TL - Home timeline of PETIKE and of a certain recurring character. By and large a timeline-wide affectionate parody of the entire concept, with references to Crimson Skies and a whole slew of other similarly themed works. The technological level is your typical pulpy 1930s dieselpunk, with omnipresent zeppelins and propplanes. Anti-piracy combatants and advocats often refer to the bandits by the popular slur “skyrats” (a contraction of “sky pirates”).

Reverse Cold War TL - Home timeline of KAISER K before he ended up on the MES-2, Kaiser was a member of the Imperial German Army, and it's secret Paranormal and Scientific Division, a secret division of the Army specializing in developing various “Wunderwaffe”, Kaiser was selected to use a prototype Time Machine the PSD had made, in order to prevent the Second World War, however use of the machine landed him in the Hub instead, where he eventually made his way and got work on the MES-2. Technological Level in the RCW-verse is largely OTL, minus the German “Wunderwaffe” and various secret projects by the countries involved in the War, Kaiser plans to eventually get the MES to travel to his home timeline so he may complete his mission.

Spider 2 Y Banana - The home timeline (and presumably home parallel universe) of JMT. Apparently included a power bloc known as the Empire of Man. JMT was, according to his own recollections, a former military leader of said polity.

TL-47132 - Mentioned only in passing by THEDARKMESSIAH. This timeline is known for “The Raver Monks of Minorca”, who apparently meditate by visiting rave parties on the eponymous island.

Welsh Socialist Monarchy TL - Home timeline of TURQUOISE BLUE. Little is known about it, outside of it being stereotypically Welsh, having lots of snow-themed stuff somewhere in the north, and having politically socialist domestic royalty and nobility. It also seems to have an affinity for Esperanto, which is probably the second most important global language after Welsh. Despite frequent rumours, TURQUOISE BLUE herself denies that she has any ties to the ruling royal family or noble families of Wales. An infrastructural peculiarity of this ATL's Wales is that all spaceports are located in old disused quarries. No one knows why, it seems to be a local custom…

Werewolf Romans with allergies TL - Visited by LEX during his childhood or high school years, as part of a school field trip. Apparently, it's populated by werewolf Romans who have inexplicable allergies to tuna salad and chimneysweep uniforms.

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