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Codae is one of the Indiana members of the forum. A member known for asking people to make a wiki page for him, so that he could then pad it without feeling guilty.

He also enjoys playing with grammar, as evidenced by the conjugation in the above paragraph, and as in his username, a Latin-influenced plural of “coda” (Although, since “coda” itself derives from “cauda”, the name is somewhat of an anachronistic mish-mash). He is a nominal member of the Great Holy Grammar Inquisition.


As far as he knows, Codae has not appeared in any stories or timelines on the site. He has also completed none, although The Golden Touch has been nominated for the 2009 Turtledove Awards in the ASB category.

Shared Worlds projects

He introduced OrangeNakor and Imperial_Pacifica to Shared Worlds.

Codae served as a judge in the Shared Worlds Tournament, along with Krall and Demosthenes. Politics

He supported the ZBP as the Minister of Slime Mo(u)ld Affairs until its dissolution (well, actually until a week after its dissolution, but let's not get into that). He has since joined the OK Party.


A vanity is a kind of bathroom furnishing with a mirror.

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