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RamscoopRaider is a student who lives in Newtown, Connecticut. While he was in school he shared several classes with the Sandy Hook shooter. He has a habit of always obscuring his face when posting images of himself.


He has taken over Tomorrow's Pen is Mightier than Yesterday's Sword from Rhaegar I, the former John Mighty in addition to writing a Draka TL, The Line Held in ASB

He has written a Sci Fi Story in the Writers forum, On a Hint and a Hyperdrive with its spin off Case Black

He has more recently written a newer Sci-Fi Story in the writers forum, Wildcat

Has guest written an episode (Season 2 episode 10, of another story) For BlackWave's reimagined_enterprise

He is currently cowriting Jim Smitty's Project Fail Safe 2.0 with the author

Recently got bored and started yet a third TL, TL-191 The Great War Reloaded.

As of late, he designed some of the visual concepts for Enterprise.

In Fiction

The eponymous character of RamscoopRaider, a crew member and one of the five commanders of the MES-2 Uchronia from Enterprise, is based on him.

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